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If Wanda had a kid with Ian....what would he/she be like? Would she be half alien and half human..? What will she look like? I would like to hear your thoughts!!! I think that if they do have a kid he/she should have strong features like his father, and the kindness of his mother. Also he hassss to have the blue eyes!!!! SO NOW IT"S YOUR TIME TO TELL US WHAT U THINK THE KID COULD LOOK LIKE!

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i think baby will be full human because wanda's body is human .she  just controls the mind , the body..and agree with you 

he/she should have strong features like his father, and the kindness of his mother Also he hassss to have the blue eyes!!

cant wait to know about the 2 sequels ..but i think we have to wait long :(

true dat!
I totally agree with everything you said. Yes, it must be possible for Wanda or any soul to have a baby, or the souls wouldn't be able to live on earth for a longer time, I mean the host bodies would grow old and die after less than a century and if they weren't able of "producing" more host bodies just like we humans did, they would soon have to abandon earth and go somewhere else.
I'm sure their baby would be gentle, kind and compassionate just like Wanda, but the baby would also inherit some of Ian's personality. He/she wouldn't be as fragile like Wanda and he/she would be able to use violence if necessary, but only for the protection of him/herself and the others.
Also, I'm sure the kid would have blue eyes and dark hair like Ian, cause I'm sure that overpowers Wanda's fair eyes and hair ^_^

yes....also what do u think souls would do if they had a baby...would they give it up for a host? I am pretty sure that Ian and Wanda would never do that!! Oh how we would all like to have a mini Ian! lol


I don't know actually! remember the chapter where Wanda was "staring at hope"? She said that they loved their baby, and I think that was what she meant when she said that her and their kind can maybe someday live in peace. She meant that there will be soul parents that love their human baby so much that they don't want to give them up as host bodies.
true dat...

I also believe that the child would be human. It is going to be a physical way that she would get pregnant. 


The baby HAASS to have Ians eyes.

yes it does!!!

agreed bc Ian is such a nice man and not to mention that Wanda is over the edge nice..haha


IF Ian and Wanda had a kid together. I think the child would be sweet like Wanda and strong as Ian. I doubt she child would be half alien because Wanda is still human no matter what. So in my imagination the child would be full human. have the looks like Wanda but the eyes of Ian. Yup!

And they'll still live in the caves. :D

I think it would be like with the couple Wanda saw on the ride - parents were aliens and the baby was full human. Human body would have only human baby. Wanda would only make sure the baby will be brought as a v. kind person, while Ian would make sure the kid would be strong and a bit fighter. Great combination, me thinks! :D

PS The baby's look would be something between Ian and Petal/Wanda's body. Guess the kid would be v. pretty. :D


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