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Okay, so I'm building my own The Host fan/roleplaying site, and I thought you guys could give me a hand. I'm making the canons for the site [which are basically the original characters from the book] and I wanted to know who you think would best represent all the characters. I know this thread is a little similar to the dream movie cast one, but I'll probably need more help with other things as I build the site. So far, I've got:


Wanderer: Taylor Momsen [in her younger years]

Ian: Ian Somerhalder

Melanie: Sophia Bush

Jared: Jenson Ackles


I need play bys for-



Uncle Jeb


Lacey [Wanderer's Seeker]







And all the other minor characters you can think of. Any help would be much appreciated. :)

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Jamie could be...and will be....Logan Lerman!!!! I love that kid and I know he could play Jamie sooo well. Plus I think he looks a lot the Jamie in the book.
Okay, thanks, I'll add him to my canon list :)


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