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I'm just saying, when I read it I pictured Emmett :D

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Uhm... why's that? We don't know much about Emmett. We only know his looks, that's he's Rosalie's partner, b. big and v. strong (like the rest of Stephenie's vampires). From time to time he says something funny but... that's it. Even he's history is different than Ian's. I wonder why do you picture Emmett when u think about Ian.
I'm just curious. :-)
Well there appearnce is somewhat alike, the jokes, the "toughness" IDK i just pictured him
nop... sorry, emmet and ian are completely different, yeah they are similar physically but their personalities are completely different so i have to disagree here...
Even though they are compeletly different
I do too peicture Emmett as Ian, sometimes actually :P
lool but I do see your point :)
I don't think so emmett is soooo not sensitive like Ian he is much more like o yeah let's go punch something. lol. why do u think that?
c i think id emmett is like either of the twins its kyle
true more like kyle not ian
no i dont think so cuz emmett and iea are both tough yes but emmett he laughs when ppl do something wrong and makes jokes that could hurt people and ian would never do that and ian i way more pashonate and loving and caring than emmett is if either of the twin r like emmett i would say kyle becuz we all no kyle loves a fight
HAHAHA! I feel like such a dumb person right now!! Hahaha I thought you wrote Kyle not Ian! Hahaha
Well in my opinion I do not picture Ian as Emmett but I do picture Kyle as Emmett maybe because of his strength and also towards the end he starts joking around so that did flicker my mind back to Emmett when I read about Kyle but not Ian.
Yes, I could see Kyle as more Emmett-like, but really I don't think of either O'Shea when I think of Emmett.
In a word: no.
Oh my godess guys! I was saying in appearance NOT in personality! Just the way they described him made me picture .Kellan. Lutz. Not Emmett himself!


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