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hey guys, here's my dilema.. The main reason why love twilight so much is because stephanie made her own kind of vampires. I have never previously been a vampire fan, and i still dont like any other vampire other than the twilight ones. Now, I dont like sci-fi, fantasy kind of books either, but apparently the host hooks people that arent usually interested in that. So basically i want to know what you guys all think, and i know i'm going to get alot of "OMG YOU HAVE TO READ IT!" but I would just like to know if its not a typical sci-fi alien book.
thankkkksssss :):)

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IT IS NOT! steph is always trying to make monsters look more human... thats why she created her own kind of vampyre, thats how i see it at least... the vampires we knew before twilight, were evil, thirsty, angry monsters for creepy movies, the twilight vampyres are compationate, more humans, and their differences from the others makes them easier to be with human kind. well the same happens with the host, and its an adventure you will like to be and reading it, believe me you will live it... only by reading it, and believe me... if you read it once, you will readinf 2 3 and 4 times and more...
hahah thanx, and dont worry that last little bit made me laugh so your all good. haha
well when i read the plot of the host i was in the same dilemma...and i hate science i just started reading it because i was never interested before neither in vampire stories...and although the first time i found it dificult to read the first 100 pages i adored it and even reread it...
I was so bored with it at first then boom boom pow, everything heats up and its amazing, seriously. I love it, its my fav book XD.
thankyou everybody :) i think you've all convinced me..I'd pretty much made my mind up to at least give it a try, but i thought i'd ask you all anyway.
I'm excited now :)
you really should read it because it isn't your a-typical type of alien book. no little green men or any of is totally worth it.
look its a realy good book its also like twilight she made her own kind of 'aliens' in a way. but thats ur dision if u want to read it if not then......good luk finding good books....
i cannot believe i put off reading it for so long. i LOVEEE IT. i probably would have cried just about thye whole way through if i hadnt had people staring at me all day, but i certainly did towards the ending when i was alone. I kind of had a feeling stephanie wouldnt kill wanda off, but still it was so sad!!
anyway thanx for convincing me to read it :) i was fabuloussss!!!
In the start of The Host, I thought it was horrific and boring, but, like after 30 sites, I started to adore it^^ It was just kinda unusual to read something like that after Twilight. You should totally read it!!!
Was difficult to get into - But, it did grab me... Worth the read. I'm sure reading it the second time will make it more enjoyable!
Read it! it is soooooooooo good Steph really brought stuff in from Twilight (a little) but really good
you really should read the host! when i first got it, it had just came out and at the time i was not into reading and the first few chapters were hard to understand, but then this summer i tried to read it again and after the first three chapters i fell in love with the book. and it is not only about aliens it is also a love story about the last humans and aliens. IT IS A REALLY GOOD STORY AND YOU SHOULD READ IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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