The Twilight Saga

I mean seriousely is there cause I am going to jump off a cliff here is there another book to the host I have checked every where and no one knows I mean I could sit here and talk about it for days but some one just tell me is there another book?????

(P.S. I thnk there is and sorry for the spelling :-) )

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not yet, she's supposed to write to more books called the soul and the seeker but i haven't heard any news about that so i don't know when she'll publish it or even if she's really writing it and i really can't wait for a sequel, i'm just dying to know more about wanda/ian's relationship
Oh I know personoly I think she is better with iatn. Angwin I'm bad at spelling in fith gqde spelling bee I mispelled taco wrong Im not lying
yeah i didn't get half of what you said....and i'm the complete opossite, i'm great at spelling (i know it's so dork but it gets me on my nerves the bad spelling, and if i write something wrong in english is because is not my mother language)
I remember going to a high school open house for one of my boys and the teacher telling us not to sweat it if our kids weren't able to spell very well. He contended that it was a largely genetically-passed ability, and to just invest in a dictionary or a spell-check for our kids. There may be some truth to that, but it doesn't mean you can't IMPROVE your spelling skills! I think READING is the best way. The more your brain sees words spelled correctly, the more you'll realize when you're spelling them wrong. Practicing helps too. Unfortunately, we tend to judge each other's intelligence by how eloquently we speak, and how well we construct a sentence and spell when writing. It's a good skill to cultivate, and will be an big asset when looking for a job.

Anyone who is having spelling issues and English ISN'T their native tongue, I applaud your efforts!! I only speak ONE language and I've had MANY more years than most of you to work on it! : )
Yeah well see I can be a bad speller but it's my new iPhone it messes with my words somethine it will change the whole sentence if it's not right grammer ( I can be a geek when it comes to history so don't worry :-) )
hahaha it's okay don't worry
I think that she's already started writing the sequel but she's not sure if she's going to publish it. I hope she does though because i absolutely loved the book and i'm not ready to say goodbye to Wanda and Ian yet : )
I did hear news about Stephenie writing a book called The Soul but personally in my opinion I'm not sure it'll get published soon, maybe it will in a year or so. I checked everywhere too but then Stephenie also said she's working on a book about mermaids.


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