The Twilight Saga

I wonder if there are real guys out there that's like Ian.
The love he has for Wanda is so unreal. I don't think anyone has had someone who loved them
like he loves Wanda. Even as her true-self, he loved her. Amazing!!

if you're like Ian and live in Fl, look me up. lol (jk)

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there better be guys like ian out there...hes so sweet and does watever he can for wanda...i really hope i find someone just like him someday
there are alot of guys out there, it could be possible if there is a guy like Ian or even better !! (not getting my hopes up)
but all you have to do is look very VERY hard just to find your Ian.
anything is possible but never give up.. never....
My "ian" found me and seriously he's like ian, overprotective, extremely sweet and caring.Normally guys don't like talking about their girlfriend to their friends but he calls me in front of them whentheir bowling or wtv. It's difficult to find guys like that coz they act like jerks and don't care about their girl's FEELINGS. You can rarely find someone like that so I consider myself very lucky.
congratulations! join the club.;-)
consider yourself lucky?? you are lucky !! i just hope i'll find my Ian someday
i'm positive that there are Ian's out there, just waiting for there Wanda's to notice them and give'em the chance to prove that they're THE man, not just A guy.
What a depressing question! .. Gosh, i really, really hope there is. They seem like a rare thing, which is sadder because there won't be enough Ian's to go around :[ lol..


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