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So whenever i read the Host and look at Jamie's lines I always think that the way he acts isn't how a 14 yr old would act. I mean he is always hugging Wanda and stuff like that...what is SM trying to do with this character? Personally I think that maybe SM should have made Jamie like 8 or 9 yrs old....what do you guys think?

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I totally agree with you... A 14 Year old won't go around hugging ppl even if it is a alien in your sisters body! lol! When I read Jamies part I never picture him as a 14 year old but as a 8 year old... He acts more like that, like you said... I have felt that way since I first read The Host!
I think she purposely did that to show that Jamie has been through a tough time and all and she wants to show that when someone shows him love and care he takes full advantage of it! And maybe thats why she purposely made him 14 but acting like a kid to show that Jamie really needs the love and care

Well, we have to remember that his whole world was turned upside-down when he was like 9, just a kid. As Nadine said, he just needs love. Imagine being ripped away from the person you love most in the world, and then she comes back (kinda) but then you find out that she IS there, of course you would do the same thing. Of course he cried, Wanda just kinda reminded him how his entire family was taken away from him, and then she refused to answer if his sister was still left inside, or dead. And the hugging part: he just got his sister back, who he thought was gone forever. Of course he's messed up, that's a lot to take in for a kid, he just needs some time to realize that this time nobody will be taken away from him, because they're safe again.

I couldnt agree more with you!
yeah I thought that SM did this to show that Jamie is a very innocent kid whose world was turned upside down
i totally see where you r going with that! whenever i see his lines I automatiically thing ''oh this boy is 9 or 10 an this is sooo cute''! But i remeber whoa! he`s 14! yea its kinda weird that he is acting like that! =P But ya knowi still like him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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