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I think that callan mcauliffe would make a great jamie...whatcha guys think? He was in the movie Flipped. (the best chick flick...watchh)

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this is him...he is jamie in my head! any thoughts?

Actually, I was thinking that the youngest Jonas brother, Nick, would make a good Jamie because he's described as having an innocent face with curly hair and lots of energy.

No theres something about him that doesnt really match Jamies character

As for Nick Jonas... He might work but i really wouldnt want a Jonas brother in the movie not because i dont like them but because hes more of a shy guy and hes not that good of an offense to Nick Fans 

I thought abt that...and yeah I wudnt like nick jonas
I though Logan Lerman was good enough....
yeah I thought of him too...remember? Idk I just wanted to see if someone else would work? but u gotta admit Callan M. is pretty good lookin! lol

Lool yup :D

Callan is good looking but not a Jamie if you know what i mean :P


yeah! Logan Lerman should play Jamie. btw do ya know when the host movie comes out?
Steph says that they might start it when BD finishes because she has a lot on her plate now :/
o i c! I just want it to come out now! I wanna see who will play Ian and Wanda and and and..everyone! haha.
Hahaha same here Twi :/ but we have to be patient like everyone else thats what fans are for to be supportive and patient :)
true dat! lol


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