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I can't seem to find a good actor for Jared!!! Everyone wants Jenson Ackles, but personally i think hes not a very good choise....not that tough looking...any ideas?

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i would think people would want to be ian or wanda/mel
What are you talking about 1st Fanpire?
i haven't really thought about it..:s
i mean Jensen Ackles is gorgeous but not good enough to be Jared 'cause he don't have the "wild" look that Jared can show!
i think that Josh Holloway would be an ok choice..i can't think of anyone that can bring to life Jared nor Ian..
sooooooooooooooo dificult choice!!
ya exactly not too rough looking... i personally think josh holloway looks too old for the part :(
but Jared is like 26 years old and Melanie is like 17..
i don't think that he's too old to play him..but from the other hand i'll be glad to find someone that fits better..!
lol ur soo nice and soun like a really great fan....i want to look up all the supernatural cast people cause they all seem pretty hot lol!
Jared is 26 when he meets Melanie. The story that happens in the book takes place 3 or 4 years later which makes Jared 29-30.
Besides who cares whether Josh would be too old for the part? LOL AFAIK Edward Cullen supposed to look like 17 year old boy and Robert Pattinson doesn't look 17 and yet he's great for the part, isn't he? ;) Same thing can be with Jared and actor who's going to play him (whoever this actor would be). XD
My thoughts exactly! Althought I would be more than happy to see Jensen Ackles in ANYTHING and I wouldn't be mad if he would be chosen for Jared, when I was reading the book I imagined Jared as someone close to Josh Holloway. It was like... Jared with Josh's face.
But as I said I won't get mad if I see Jensen in The host playing Jared. He's v. talented actor and he can make this part a bit funny. ;-)
OMG i didn't know who this jensen guy was but i just looked him up on google and HE IS SMOKIN
and ewww! i think josh wats-his-face is kinda ugly, well not ugly but he certainly doesn't fit the role of jared.

This is who I think should play Jared, If they just made him look a little scraggier. Like this

I dont know though, I didn't look real hard. I didn't know of any guys off the top of my head, but I've always kinda liked this guy.
o my thanks sooooooo much for finding this guy...he's perfect when i saw that pic i'm like o wow...i'm in love lol
Hey i also find a guy how would be awesome for Ian...his name is Todd Cahoon... awesome blue eyes


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