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I can't seem to find a good actor for Jared!!! Everyone wants Jenson Ackles, but personally i think hes not a very good choise....not that tough looking...any ideas?

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he's actually pretty good looking...just i dunno...too pretty boy for Jared
lol i know eh? i guess we're too used to twilight....vampires being amazingly gorgeous lol...its fine...making them beautiful is fine...makes them more likeable...and makes for a better movie lol
i have not a particular picture of jared but i think he doesn't suit too...don't know why but i picture him as a brownhaired man with brown eyes...strong(with muscles,but not too much) and tall...haven't searched any actor that suits to this description...
i like jensen ackles but i also like jason behr or josh duhamel....somebody suggested in a discussion that jared followil from KOL should play jared and i think it's a good idea
i think Taylor Lautner.
josh duhamel to me fits the description 100% and he's totally fit xx (shame he's married to fergie at least i think they are still toether)

jensen would be a 2nd choice for me although he is fit 2 xx
I think of Channing Tatum every time I read it, but that's just me.
I think Henry Cavill could be perfect for Jared. He just suits with the character. I picture him as Henry Cavill the first time i read the book.
Maybe Jared Leto? Check out this picture :P
OMG he should play Ian!
Wow, I never thought of him as Ian, but it could work! But then we have to find someone to play Kyle who looks like him ..
Dont get me wrong, i really like Jenson and in alot of ways he can be Jared but i wouldnt like him to play Jared. I think for this id like someone who hasnt been "tainted" by tv, someone unknown maybe, a little more "movie calibre" you know ? I don't know who it could be, there's so many ways you can go..

Chris Pine might be close to Jared ? And i don't know if Stephenie Meyer was serious about Matt Damon but they've got a similar look i think. Although, i find it a lil disturbing cos i think Chris can pass for a Kyle as well lol.


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