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I can't seem to find a good actor for Jared!!! Everyone wants Jenson Ackles, but personally i think hes not a very good choise....not that tough looking...any ideas?

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Heh, appearance wise it could probably go that way as well esp since Ian and Kyle are brothers and look alot alike.
All the main guys are meant to be kind of blonde/dirty blonde aren't they ? Jared, Ian, Kyle. Damn my goldfish memory. Or is Ian meant to be dark haired ?
jared has bits of blonde and ian has dark brown/black hair.
Not tough looking? have you even SEEN supernatural?
I actually really like Jensen Ackles for the role of Jared. I mean I don't think he's like 100% Jared character but I can't find anyone else who would be close to fitting the role, so I'm sticking with Jensen Ackles.
I actually don't like him, not sure why :P
what about paul walker or chris evans

IMHO too pretty.....................
just for future reference what is IMHO??
IMHO = In My Humble Opinion
ok thanks
Totally agree wioth you! :D


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