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Worst person to play Jared EVER. God I hope they change it or that you're wrong...
I Agree =S
I don't think at all. I'm amazed how blind ppl responsible for the cast can be... o_O
Don't believe everything you read.... First they had Ian somerhalder for the role of Ian o'shea and now they have eric fellows as "rumored" for Ian, they're basing their cast on people's suggestions besides the guy they have as Jared is 20 years old.... He looks like a baby and I don't think he's the one at all
My hope is still there but if this rumor is true... hmpf! Still I'll go to the cinema of course but this guy would be... well, wouldn't look like Jared is supposed to look.
Jared Howe is strong man and I always imagined him as a man you can see his strength immediatelly. It has of course nothing to do with muscles but there should be something in his eyes and the line of his jaw... you know, a face of guy who's a fighter type. And this actor, Brody or whatever his name is (sorry imdb stopped working for me and I don't remember, I'm not good at names) looks more like wishy-washy. *rolls her eyes*
lol I know, right? This guy looks like he's 10 years old!!!
Oh, don't be like that, Sara! He doesn't look so OLD! XDDDD
I know I imagined the same: a tall guy very mature, tanned with a very pronounced jaw line and deep eyes where you can see he has been through so much and of course, with a lot of muscles because he's a rebel and he needs that streghth to survive and this guy broody is the complete opposite of what I thought and if this rumor is true I won't watch the movie, I mean he could get the role of Jamie but not Jared!!!!! But as Chris weitz once said "imdb is managed by a 16 year old boy, you can't call that a realiable source"
I so agree with you ladies! having him as jared would be a train wreck I think. I mean by the looks, this guy looks like a little kid! I have a image of jared in my head and this broody guy is far from it. I picture like Jensen Ackles who plays Dean in Supernatural, or Josh Dumhamel(or however you spell it lol) from the Transformers. Anyone agree?:) I would attach pictures but I am on my phone and I can't do that.
Jensen playing Jared is so cool idea.
I'll accept every REASONABLE choice for The host movie. The gossip above isn't reasonable. It's ridiculous. :P
Haha thankx for agreeing :)
And I completely with you statement.
I completely agree with you on that!!! Josh duhamel and Jensen ankles are my top 2 choices for the role but this kid...come on!!! Even a blind guy could see he doesn't fit on the character's description!!!


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