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Hahah Thank you! Actually Jensen Ackles is my first choice. Becuz in Supernatural he can be very gruff and excuse my lang here but he can be a hard @$$, but he is also sensitve just like Jared it.
Lol :D
Don't worry! He's not playing Jared. He was asked to audition for the role, but turned it down because he didn't know what The Host was about. I have the article on my website.
It wouldn't make sense for him to play Jared. Jared is 27 in the book, and this Brody guy is... 19 or 20, I think.
Don't believe what comes from IMDb. It's updated by anyone. ;)
what is your website?
EWW!! Not the Jared I al!! He's not the right one! :(
None of us imagined him that way..... I just hope it really is a rumor cuz if it's true I won't watch the movie, well i will watch it but I'll be very dissapointed
Same here Denisse!!! I'm not happy :(
This is all Andrew niccol's fault!!!! They're not telling us anything so we're creating dreamcasts on our heads and believing everything we read like this guy brody whatever-his-lastname-is has been chosen for the role of Jared or Eric fellows being rumored for Ian o'shea and stuff like that.... Please Andrew niccol and stephenie Meyer give us some news!!!!!!!
And plz let them be GOOD news!
I agree they pick the suckiest people and they dont give us news about anything!! Its really irritating!
I know!!! And the worst part is that BD already has locations release dates new actors and it's already in pre-production.... The host was announced to be a movie waaaay before and we still don't know anything about it!!!
ur all right! he doesnt fit the role at all! i rly rly hope he isnt the guy whos gna play jared. i think jensen ackles would be perfect for that. he's the 1st one that comes to mind.


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