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so here's a video of an interview with SMduring the eclipse premiere where she talks about the host and she says the casting hasn't begun but they have a great script plus we might have a sequel soon!!!








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I dont see a video or a link...
i don't know why but i can't put the link there... i did it the first time but it doesn't show it and i tried it again now and it happens the same so here's the link:

now you can enjoy hahahahaha
Thankx :)
no probs!
YAAAAAAY!! I cant wait, maybe when Breaking Dawn is done she'll come up with the sequel and maybe even the movie XD yaaay
Thankx soooo much =D
you're welcome!!! i'm really excited too but the only thing bothering me here is that the host was announced to become a movie waaaaaaaay before than BD and breaking dawn already has filming and release dates and the host doesn't even have a cast yet.... it's so annoying for me that SM concentrates all her attention on the twilight franchise and forgets about the host.... but anyway, it makes me happy to know that we might have a sequel soon!!!
Its not that Steph doesnt want to make a movie its just every one is excited for the last movie and its not even Steph'd fault its actually Summit who's in charge of it

And I really dont think she forgot about it, I mean that was her first Adult book and she loved it!! She even wrote the prologue for the second book over alll this pressure of the movies, I mean if I were Steph and I was under all that pressure i wouldnt even think about The Host. And did you see how her face changed to a brighter expression when that lady said, Lets talk about The Host! So I really think its her favorite book :D
yeah i see what you're saying... i did see the change on her face but my point is that this project was announced when they were filming eclipse and they had no plans on breaking dawn and it's been almost a year and we have nothing new on the host, besides summit is not producing this movie and i know that steph is really bussy but maybe in all the time between the release of new moon and eclipse and the filming of BD they could have start to do some casting, i'm not talking about the books, just the movie....
i do think this is her favorite book, it's more complicate and complete, beautiful book i disagree with all the people who says the host is twilight with different characters and that she can only write about shiny happy people... this book is really amazing!!!
But I mean BD was bound to happen just when Eclipse was done so I wasnt surprised when they decided to make Bd first, but of course I was disappointed but I mean what can we do... But you know what, I'm happy their even making a movie! hahaaha soo that should be enough to keep the happiness going :P
yeah you're right!!! i'm ridiculously excited for it!!!
Denisse, God bless you!!! This is the best info I read for a v. long time. You made my day (and I just woken up!).

(The video doesn't work here but it's my computer's fault, I'll watch it at home with faster network connection.)
hahaha you're welcome... i tried to put the link on the description like 10 times but the site wasn't allowing it so i pasted it in a coment below.... enjoy!!


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