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so here's a video of an interview with SMduring the eclipse premiere where she talks about the host and she says the casting hasn't begun but they have a great script plus we might have a sequel soon!!!








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I meant the link. Ugh. I used wrong word again. I wanted to write that the link is okay, it leads where it should it's just my network is too slow to make me watch it.
Nevertheless I opened the link and waited about 1,5 h to watch it anyway. FINALLY it worked! YAY!
Whatever ppl want to think about Stephenie I like her as a person. She's really nice, I love how she behaves when she talks to her fans. It's really important to have good contact with ppl that like your work and she's doing great. She's warm and I think she has smile for everyone. That's really nice that she's so open and friendly. :)
yeah i completely agree with you about stephenie, she's really nice!!
i'm glad you liked it!!
i am sooooooo happy! we mite have a host sequel soooon! i am going to shout it out to the world! it is very good info and i cant wait! thanks so much for this video!
you're welcome!!!
Hello - I just joined the site. I know everyone is excited about the Twilight Saga, but I enjoyed this book too. I read on Stephanie's site awhile back about the video too. I think it's best that they did put this on hold until after Breaking Dawn movies are completed. It would not allow this one any justice. I think this has some potential to not only be a movie. It could possibly be a series. While this had a different twist than Twilight, there was still romance and a love triangle! What are your thoughts?
too bad, you tube doesn't open in my country without Vtunnel.
what does it say do you hve another link?
i'm sorry i don't have another link..... but she says that possibly she'll write a sequel soon and it starts with a jogging scene hahaha and about the movie she says that the cast hasn't begun but they have an amazing screenplay, that andrew niccol gave her so many great ideas she never thought of....
Oh my god!! I want more info
i want more too but that's all she says..... watch the video, i left the link on the second comment here because i don't know why but it wasn't allowing me to put the link
what did she say plz tell me! i can't take the tension....
Yes! I want a sequal!!!!!! I wish they started casting, I want to know who will be in the movie.


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