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so this is for everyone who read the interview with stephenie meyer published on this website on nov 16.. i recently read the interview and i had a doubt... here's why i'm asking this:

Are you writing any other books right now? - Kershia

One of the weirdest things for me about success is how it sucks away your time. I'm successful because I write books, but that very success takes all my writing time! It's very frustrating. I'm just itching to get back into a fantasy world right now, but the real world won't let me. I thought this would be a writing year, but unless you count emails as writing, it didn't work out that way. I was able to do a few smaller things that will show up here and there—an extra chapter for the release of The Host in paperback, that kind of thing. I've really worked to clear my time, but that is a slow and ongoing process. Of course, another aspect is that I am more burned out by the last five years than I even realized.

so stephenie said she wrote an extra chapter... where is it???
is she going to publish a new edition or is it already in the book we all have???

and anyone knows anything about the movie (cast, release date, etc)???

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AAH! Don't tell me this now, i just ordered my own copy yesterday! LOL. Dangit, looks like i'm going to have to be purchasing another one.

Bump denisse's question. Any ideas anyone ? Where is this extra chapter she's talking about ? GASP!
My thoughts on this subject are this. Everyone loves Stephenie Meyer- including me and I'm 37 and I have 2 teenage girls who made me begin the reading of Twilight in 2006. I have been trying to wait patiently for more of her works to come out- either in book form or movie.

I have checked out her website and noticed quite a few messeges from her personally- responding to everyone who wants to hear from her. This is alot of work, plus still trying to raise a family, do book signings, and everything else she has on her plate right now. I can understand her feeling overwhelmed and "burned out". I, myself, would not be surprised if she took some much needed time off- away from a computer and phones- and spend some alone time with her family. Her true fans will wait it out until she decides to get back to it. I am willing to wait for her to get back to herself and our favorite characters. Even if it takes a couple years- I dont want it to take that long, but I'm willing to wait.

Another problem I noticed was so many people posting their versions of continuations of The Host on this site. How is she supposed to write what she wants when she will have to sensor herself to be sure she doesn't "use" someone elses publishings or ideas?? I'll admit- I read The Host twice in a row- then signed onto this site, and found chapters that others have written and liked them because the story was going on (I never wanted it to end). But thinking on it later, how can we expect Stephenie to write her own stories with others coming up with their own ideas- therefore, limiting her in her own creations? (I've read it twice more since then)

Have patience! She will do her thing in her own time. If we all leave her alone and not expect so much from her- maybe she'll get back to the stories we all love. We want them good- right? Then lets allow her to do them her own way.
i agree with you... she's really overwhelmed by this whole twilight-mania situation and she needs some time... and like you i'm willing to wait until she publishes something new but my question was that she said she wrote and extra chapter for the host and i want to know if that extra chapter is already in the book we all have or it will be included in a new edition...
to the second problem you mentioned i don't think stephenie will have any problem with the fan-fics... her mind is brilliant and she imagines situations that no one else will... besides i don't think she visits websites like this... she doesn't have the time...
wait! whoa! no way! she wrote an extra chapter?!?! she published a new edition?!? why is it all so confusing?!? if anyone finds out tell me! i gotta know! omg! im freaking out!
i'm freaking out too... i just bought a new book in paperback but i didn't see any extra chapter so that's why i'm asking


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