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How many of you guys are afraid that Hollywood will ruin The Host? =/ i hope they'll include everything coz it's a complicated story plot. If they don't, the movie will be completely ruined!

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in my opinion twilight (film) was a disaster....i think it wasn't conected, the picture was bad, many things weren't explained, etc...but it DIDN'T ruined the book for me.....i realy hope they'll make a good film.....but no matter what, the host is nb.1 for me =D
i'm a little scared because it's such a complicated story and i don't want the producers to leave anything out. yes twilight was a huge disaster because they changed the whole story and the picture was horrible but i'm sure that they'll do an awesome job because now stephenie is reaaaally famous so they'll have more budget to make the movie (like in new moon) because they need to get good locations, actors, sound, cgi, visual effects, etc. and like meadow said, the directors made gattaca and it's an awesome movie!!!!
that's awesome, mayb the movie will turn out all right XD
lets hope so
i mean... the fact that they have good producers, or good directors doesnt mean that they wont chnge the book to make the movie just as they didi with twilight...
the book was complicated enough when there was 600 pages to explain it. but an hour of a movie? i don't know about that. i'm sure it will be good, but i dont know if it will follow everything.
i'm definitely scared they'll ruin the movie because, honestly, i liked The Host better than Twilight. And i know this because i've read the book at least 5 more times than any of the Twilight books. so i'm kind of looking foward to it.
I'm too very excited about the book being turned into a movie, it's just that I dread the parts they might ruin =/
I should probably have a little bit more faith since i've liked alot of Niccol's stuff. Gattaca, Lord of War, Terminal. But i am freaking out, yes.


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