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Hi everyone!
I was listening to the songs that Stephenie choose for the book and i wonder if you can picture a scene of the book with each song, in my case i can see the song from the Foo Fighters "Walking after you" when Mel and Jared are in the cabin and she's telling him how she feels about him, but i will like to know what you guys think!!! Please comment !!!

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there is a playlist for the book?? wow i want to check it out!!! is it on her website??
yes....on the host section
My Body Is A Cage - Arcade Fire .. maybe when Mel and Wanda are heading to the desert or during the trek through the desert. Or maybe when Wanda is making the walk to Doc's and bumps into Jared just before she has to leave. Yes, that would be sooo good.
You're right! i agree more with the 2nd one!!
Totally agree with both scenes


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