The Twilight Saga

i have made 3 Teams:
1.Team Jared
2.Team Ian
3.Team Jamie
which team r u in and y?

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Team Jared!!! I know he was a jerk to Wanda in the beginning but he really wanted Melanie there with him. I love him and Melanie as a couple too!!
i so agree!!!
i am not a part of any of these teams.
what r u a part of?
team ian because he's the most perfect guy on eart
team jamie because he's such a sweet boy and it's impossible not to love him
team jared because he loves melanie so much that he would do anything for her, at first he was a jerk but he saved wanda and i think he did loved her
i love them all!!!!
i agree ;)
i want to marry ian too!!!
i guess u cant deny those reasons!!!
i have the EXACT same things to say about them too!! i love them all equally
I totally agree!
Team Ian. He's got cool motivations and a nicer side to his character.
Team Ian
Caring, loving, and simply loves a girl for whoever she is (whether she's human or not)....who could resist a guy like that? GO TEAM IAN!!!!!!


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