The Twilight Saga


Prologue: 10 years later

            We all sat in a circle around the body of our dearest friend. He had been a fighter, a lover, a forgiver, and a best friend. Mel was crying and Ian was patting my back. A shrouded figure did the last rights for him. She had her arms out, the paleness showing. Once, her arms had been a beautiful bronze color. Once, those arms could do magic; now they belonged to a girl who was preaching at a funeral. All fifty seven members of the Resistance sat in a circle, many crying. Jared sat like stone, staring at the man he had once thought of as father. I saw him as the man who gave me the chance to prove to the humans that souls weren’t bad, and that I would never hurt them.

            The shrouded figure removed her hood. Natalie had looked very different ten years ago when she had first arrived here. She, like everyone else, had been deprived of sun so much that her pallor was ghostly. Her hair, reaching below her waist, was tied back in a tight bun. Her face was gaunt, her eyes dark and her lips providing the only color on her face. Those exotic turquoise eyes of her had darkened to a blue-teal, giving her a dark appearance. She bent down and lifted the wasted man’s arm. She placed a blue marble in his hand. It meant freedom and peace. The man had been a very cautious scientific man. And a master of the poker face. Natalie didn’t cry; she placed his arm back and people came forward to carry the body to a room near the northern tunnels. The burial room.

            The Burial Room had a huge vent open to the world. The body was placed in the center of the room. Natalie brought out a wooden stick. She lit it on fire and then held it to her arm. She watched, expressionless, as the fire began to eat at her arm. I couldn’t stand it. Her blood fell in drops on the deceased person. She then pulled the fire away from her and placed it gently at the dead man’s feet. She kissed his forehead and stood back. The fire went up his leg and enveloped him. The room smelled of burning human flesh. People watched. Slowly, people began leaving. After twenty minutes, Jared, Mel, Jake, Ian, Jamie, and I were the only ones left. Natalie stood motionless, directly facing the fire, motionless, blood still dripping from her arm. She hadn’t moved the entire time. Slowly Mel and Jared walked out, followed by Jamie. Then, Ian and Jake left, reluctantly looking back at their wives.

            I walked up to Natalie. “You should come. You’ve done enough for him.” She didn’t say a word.

            “You’re standing awfully close,” I told her. She would be burned. She didn’t move. I was tired and depressed; I couldn’t take it. I walked out of the room, leaving a bleeding self-pain inducing Natalie behind with the burning remains of my dear friend Jeb.

note: for those of you who have not read my prequel to this story: Parasites by Monica Hale, then this fanfic won't make any sinse to you. Here's the link for the 1st story:

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AWWWWWWWWWWWWW Jev died??!??!?! So sad but love it!!!! wow it's been long!!!! please continue!!!!! always here reading

k guys! part one starts below!!

Chapter 1: A New Beginning

“Sleep my little one sleep,” I cooed to my baby boy. He was three and he was my life. His name was Michael, after the father Ian had loved but never got know before he was killed in war. He had his father’s beautiful sapphire eyes and my blonde hair. He was the most adorable thing.
I watched him sleep; it was one of the most relaxing things in my day. Suddenly, someone stepped into my room. It was Natalie. I looked up and smiled. She didn’t smile back.
“The council is meeting, Wanda.” She said. I frowned. I knew this was coming.
“Very well,” I answered. I kissed my boy, got up, and walked out of the room with Natalie. “Where’s Ian?” I asked.
“Everyone concern has already assembled. You and I are the last.”
She talked so formal now; like any happiness she had once had was gone. Her walk was brisk and I imagined her in high heels, heels tapping impatiently as she walked. I almost smiled. I couldn’t smile in her presence anymore. She just had that air of darkness about her now. I glanced down at her arm. She had a thin rag tied around the burn, but it did not cover much of it. It looked terrible, all scared and red. I looked away.
We walked into the council room. It was an empty room near the Eastern edge of the caves and was large enough to hold the ten- now nine current members: Jamie, Ian, Mel, Jared, Jake, Natalie, Sunny, Kyle, and me.
The whole room looked up as we entered and I took my place by Ian. He grasped my hand.
“Ladies and gentlemen,” Natalie started from the head of the room. “We have a predicament at hand. We need a leader. Jeb did not mention who should be “in charge” so it is our choice to decide. So, who shall it be?”
Mel answered, “why not a democracy? It will be very like home.” Jared assented to that but Kyle shook his head. “We’re too diverse here. It’s better if the people are told who their leader is to be-.”
“Unfortunately,” I said, cutting Kyle off, “Jeb had the only true claim to leadership. H e was the one who discovered the place. Perhaps it should just pass down the line.”
“Yes of course. Maggie as head, what a beautiful idea,” Kyle sneered sarcastically. I frowned.
“How about Jared?” Jamie asked. People froze. That was the first actual name applied. “Well? How about it Jared?” asked Jamie, looking at him. “You were always the best one at raiding.”
Jared shook his head. “I’m not much of a leader. How about Wanda? She really helped out with the raiding once we trusted her.”
I gasped. They really thought I could lead the Resistance? The thought was hilarious. I was no leader. My body was shy and not very confident. It had taken years to get over the crippling shyness that came upon me whenever I met someone new. Forget leading an entire group to take back the world.
I shook my head vigorously. I wasn’t ready for this. Jared frowned. I looked up at Natalie. She hadn’t moved since the discussion had begun. Now, she smiled. That gave me an idea.
“How about Natalie can lead?” Natalie stopped smiling. She spoke.
“I wasn’t meant for power Wanda. I may be one to abuse it. We need someone who can be ethical and reasonable with just the right amount of insaneness. In other words, we need another Jeb.”
“We were his favorites though. Why don’t we all lead together? We can be like a council. Of course, everybody can still vote on tribunals but we should have a council for day-to-day things.” Everyone seemed to like that idea.
“Won’t we need a head council member though? To represent the council.” Jake asked. It was true; most human councils had a head member.
“I nominate Natalie,” I said, standing up. “She’s gone through the mot pain for us. Every time someone dies, she burns herself and swallows herself up in the loss. She can still be composed and she, as a free human, will know their strengths.”
It was voted upon and accepted. Natalie would lead the council. Ian went to tell the men and Mel left to tell the ladies. People dispersed. In all the talk, I looked over at Natalie. She hadn’t moved. There was some inbuilt turmoil in her and it was rooted deep. I wished for luck now, because that’s what we would need to survive.
what has happened to them the last 10 years???
why is Nat so depressed??? how's Mel's babies??? is Jared gorgeous as ever??? ^-^
how's Jake & Nat's relationship going?
so many unanswered questions...i so can't w8 for you to update!!
yah I'll get to that
love it agree with her.... what happened????... more ASAP
i like to know what happen over the last ten years mel and the babies and jared what with nat ian wanda even jake

like the stories updat soon
I'm getting 2 it...
Chapter 2: Thirteen Dead

Jeb was buried that night. His remains were at least. Jeb had proudly devoted himself as a Christian in the end, so verses from the Bible were read out. A tiny pot was brought out and a handful of his ashes were placed in it. I tied a blue ribbon around the pot; it was a faded blue color, the color of blue jeans, the color of Jeb’s eyes. I gave it to Jake to hold in his hands. He gave me a sad look. I looked away.
Brandt was putting the soil back into the grave. Brandt had changed now; he was no longer that brusque man who thought himself above others. He was like a brother now. He and Lily were together now. Lily was three months pregnant with their first child. Sometimes I wished that my stomach would be like Lily’s. Sometimes I wished I could be with child.
There were thirteen graves now, with the addition of Jeb. Andy, Trudy, Geoffrey, Heath, Cindy, Wes, Walter, Reed, Paige, Aaron, Daniel, and Liam were their names. Three years back, a rare form of the flu and invaded the caves and had killed ten out of the thirteen. Daniel had been from the other camps; he hadn’t lasted a week.
Liam was my only regret. He was only three months old when the flu had invaded. It had taken his life after five days of my personal hell. I still lived in it. My little baby boy had the cutest little cheeks. He had my bright bluish eyes and Jake’s hair. The nine months I was pregnant with him and the three months he had lived had been the best times of my life. But he was gone now; a hole was there in me that could not be filled. Jake knew it. But I would not try again. I could not be able to bear the death of another child. He had looked exactly like Jake too. It broke me to see him die. An itty bitty Jake.
Ian finished the burial and we went inside. A stone was placed on Jeb’s grave with what follows on it:

Jebediah Stryder
Born: March 23, 1963
Death: May 2, 2042
“A master of the poker face, a master of our hearts, a master of life and love, now a master of death.”

Under that was a drop of my blood. It was a way to say thank you for everything he had done. I squeezed my arm where I had cut myself. Jake looked back at me and frowned. He didn’t approve of me cutting and burning myself when people died. It was the only thing I could do though, for all the people I loved who had died. I had almost killed myself when Liam died, cutting open a vein in my wrist that wouldn’t stop bleeding. Jake found me though and I’d been in the hospital for weeks. I’d been insane. Jake had thought that I had completely lost it forever at that point. Now, I made it a point to never let my composure slip in these events. I might accidentally kill someone.
In the great hall, a type of shelf had been made against the wall where many years ago, I’d almost died. It contained twelve little pots like the one Jake carried. They all had a ribbon tied around them in a color which represented them. Trudy was a light blue because she was always so calming. Liam’s was a teal color to go with his eyes. Paige’s color was pink because she was always like a fairy princess. I took the pot from Jake and added it to the group.
I heard crying behind me. I turned around and saw Wanda in complete tears. Part of Ian’s shirt was wet with her tears and he was patting her. He had tears in his eyes too and I watched as they spilled over. Mel was crying into Jared’s arms and Jared was silently stroking her hair, a faraway look in his eyes. I turned around. Jake was standing away from me staring at the others. His eyes were teary but they hadn’t spilled yet. I saw more than grief in his eyes. Maybe he was watching how all the couples cried together and I wasn’t with him. I felt my composure slip. I knew my attitude was affecting him, the man I love. He had stayed with me through bloody hospital rampages and suffered every blow with me. Every time I hurt myself, he would feel the pain too.
I couldn’t cry myself but I could comfort him. I walked to him and stood before him. “I love you,” I told him.
“I know,” he replied. Then, his tears started coming. He grabbed me and kissed me hard, the tears still coming. His lips tasted of salt. I hugged him tight and he cried into my neck. I knew what it felt for him to lose Jeb. Jeb had been the only one to see the good side of him when even I had thought he was a seeker coming to turn us all in.
I sat down and let his head rest on my chest. I rubbed his back and stared off into space. I was crying deep down inside but it wouldn’t come out. I couldn’t take anymore. I stood up suddenly, dropping Jake, and I walked out of the room. I needed to hurt myself, I really did. This mental pain was too much for me. I ran to my room and closed the door. I sank into my bed and pulled my knife out. The tears started coming. I tried to hold them back. I pulled up the sleeve of my shirt to expose my arm. It was still red from the burn. It would hurt more. Just when I was about to sink the knife into my arm, the door opened. It was Jake.
He just stared at me. Then, he paled with anger. He came at me and wrenched the knife out of my hand. He threw it across the room and then stood right before me.
“How could you? You can’t cry but you’re more than willing to mutilate yourself. Don’t you love me? Why would you do this to me? Am I not enough? Where have I gone wrong?” He sank to his knees and cried into my lap. I was frozen. I thought he was going to hit me. Then, I started crying. Never in my whole isolation had I thought I was hurting Jake this bad. It hurt me. I hugged him and laid my head on his and cried. We stayed like that for a while.
After what seemed like a few minutes, Jake lifted his head up. “I’m so sorry I told him. I didn’t mean to- to…I’m-” I started crying. Jake just kissed me like we never kissed before. We let go of everything then.
“Promise me you’ll never hurt yourself on purpose again.”
I shook my head. “I can’t do that.”
“You can’t even do it for me?”
“I’ll try,” I said.
He then pulled himself onto the bed and lied down with his feet still touching the floor. He pulled me down by him. He lied by him, our arms touching. He trailed his finger in circles on my thigh. He then pulled me above him and kissed me. We stayed like that, me on him, for a minute. Then, I pulled away. “No,” I told him.
He sat up. “Why not?”
“I told you Jake. No. Not again. Not after…”
He took my hand. “You have to let go, Natalie. Look at Lily. She lost Wes but she still found love. You lost Liam but that doesn’t mean-”
“Don’t say his name!” I yelled, standing up. I softened at the tortured expression on Jake’s face. “I just can’t Jake. You know I don’t forget easily.”
“Please,” he said softly. He looked so sad. I shook my head. I left the room, tears falling. I would never go that path again. My life was too unpredictable. No. Never. I went into the crematory room and slid to the floor.
Why was this happening to me? Fifty years ago, the worst that ever happened to people was that a family member died once in a while. But now, a little bit of me dies every day. I couldn’t stand it. I had to do something to get my mind off of it. Then I realized something.
In the future, I would want all my children (or my friend’s children) to never have to go through what we rogue humans did. I wanted my world back once in for all. I wouldn’t share. I found a sharp stone and cut myself. The pain sharpened my mind. Then I got to work devising a plan to get back the world.
it's really sad that she lost her baby...=(
i knew you would find sth harsh for her to go through...don't you have a heart girl???
poor Jakey!!! i don't know if i could have another child if my first born died in such a short age...=(
poor thing...=(
update soon!
i do have a heart...I'm pretty merciful...
for some reason, sad stories make more sense 2 me. thats why i was kinda disappointed wen no cullen died in the newborn fight. life is not bogusly cheerful. they dont have medicine in the caves, it couldve been worse.


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