The Twilight Saga

i cant wait >.< xx

it was in the papers 3 days ago, it said that auditions for the roles of:







and a few others would be held soon :)


i dont know if any of you know yet, just thought i'd say and according to Ian Somerhalder is rumored to play Ian O'Shea and i hope so b/c i really love him!!!!!!

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I just checked out apparently they held a poll on the website on who they think should play who in The Host the movie. Ian Somerhalder would be great as Ian O'Shea, but it wasn't anything official. Just letting you know! Lol, I got all excited! Too bad though, I wish they would start casting soon.... its so suspensful!
they are starting to hold auditions, my friend sent me a link to an article in one of out papers saying that auditions for
jamie and a few others would be starting soon >.< x
I KNOW RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love him ♥♥♥♥
i saw on IMDB that ian somerhalder was rumored to be ian o'shea and then i heard it on reelz channel and i was really excited!! i hope that's true he's perfect for the role!!!
i know right, Ian Somerhalder is soo hot, i love him and Ian O'Shea is perfect in every way!!
yeah he's so perfect!!! i love him as damon on the vampie diaries but imagine him with more muscles and black hair.... he's perfect to play ian o'shea!!
.... o god if it were before bed, id have happy dreams lmao XD TOTALLY AGREE!!!!
I dont want Ian S. to play Ian O'Shea
I think Matt Dallas should be Ian because hes exactly how Stephenie described him:
tall, black hair, blue eyes, a little buff, and i dont noe Matt seems exactly perfect for the role!

and plus hes hot! ;
i think he looks permanantly lost and i don tthink i made myself all that clear :/
im more oddette yustman for mel :/
i think ian is buff ... ish XD

and oddette

but i also like Lisa Stelly
I really hope that they do start casting for the host. matt dalles and ian s., I think, can both be ian. idk thats just me. cant wait.and also can u send me the link that says that the casting will start soon? thanx
there's a lot of websites with that article here's a link

what really bothers me is that breaking dawn just got a director and already has a release date and we know that the host is becoming a movie since last september and we don't have anything new about the movie, the only thing we know is that the casting is begining soon, but it can be months before we know anything..... i know is a lot easier with breaking dawn because they already have the actors for every part but i'm dying to hear more about the host and they don't give us anything new...


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