The Twilight Saga

i cant wait >.< xx

it was in the papers 3 days ago, it said that auditions for the roles of:







and a few others would be held soon :)


i dont know if any of you know yet, just thought i'd say and according to Ian Somerhalder is rumored to play Ian O'Shea and i hope so b/c i really love him!!!!!!

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i know right!!!!!!!!!! I NEED TO KNOW MORE, its like killin me :(
I know!!!! I really want the host movie to come out soooon!!!! I mean I will literally scream the trailer come out!
Meh will join you in screamin' XDDD
I wannnna join tooo :D
Im in too!! hahaha

Hahaha let me continue ;)


*joining the screamparty*
ahhhhhhahahhahahahhahahahahahahhahahahhahaahah! I will join it tooooooooo! haha

Hahaahah we love you too SK!


omg that scared me! hahaha!! he has one hell of a big mouth!
I totally agree!
I can see her Mel, but for some reason she can"t play her...I just don't think she is up to play such a complicated character....but I could be wrong and she could totally nail it!


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