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I have throughly enjoyed the novel "the host". I have read it twice so far. I am disappointed though........ I purchased the book when it hit the shelves immediately! I feel robbed, as she has added an additional chapter. I don't want to have to purchase another to read that chapter. I think she should post it for those who made that purchased before she decided to release a revised edition! URG! I love Stepenie but, I get frustrated with her! I thought there was supposed to be "the host", "the soul", and "the seeker". Is she working on these at all? Or is the revised edition supposed to be the chapter that brings the book to it's end? She is holding on to "Midnight Sun" indefinately ( I know it's part of the Twilight Saga). Just another example of my frustration. I am so utterly devoted to her as an author. I understand she is a busy woman but I am starting to feel like Wanda or perhaps Sunny. kept in the dark and trying to find my way through all of these emotions that are overwhelming!

Does anyone here know what's going on with this story line? Please exclude ,"it's hitting the silver screen"... I am aware of this. Thank you and I apologize for the negativity. I needed to vent for a minute.
yes i love the host and i already have joined! soooo awesome! and yes i am very frusterated with sm as well! i know i don't want to lose my faith in having a sequel to the host!
wow! it's nice someone made that, thx! if you need any help, plz, let us know!


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