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Hey Guys! Feel free to comment and let's create the perfect cast for "The Host" you never know if Stephenie may read it :)
Melanie: Jessica Beil/ Emmy Rossum

Jared: Jensen Ackles

Ian: ian somerhalder/Chris Evans

</ Aren't they perfect?! Kyle: Shane Kippel (hair dyed of course)

Wanda: Ashley Benson

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emmy rossum looks perfecto for the part, jessica biel is too old. jensen ackles is the perfect jared and i love ian somerhalder as ian. i don't like the guy you choose for kyle but ashley benson looks great for the part!!
Yeah I thought that Jessica Biel was kinda old too, so then I added Emmy Rossum to it. Any ideas who could play a good kyle? (some one different from Kellan Lutz, I know, I know he would be great)
no he's the only one i can think of.. he's perfect for the part but i wouldn't be able to hate him. someone suggested chris evans but i don't think he fits the role
yeah he doesn't fit on it. It has to be someone bulky, you know big and intimidating, that's how I picture kyle. Maybe

Channing Tatum
noooo i don't think so he's more like jared in fact, he'll be perfect for the role of jared, he fits in the description. kyle has blue eyes i know he can use contacts but i think somethimes they look fake
no he's not that old... jared is supossed to be 29 so i think sane could be good for the part
oohhh i love channing he's so hot:)
he fits perfectly for kyle´s description
A good kyle would be:

(Penn Badgley )
he looks a little like the Ians
I don't really like jessica as melanie sorry i just can't see her as that part
emmy rossum looks too gentle and soft to play melanie.
ashley totally suits wanda. is she petite?
yes i agree


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