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Hey Guys! Feel free to comment and let's create the perfect cast for "The Host" you never know if Stephenie may read it :)
Melanie: Jessica Beil/ Emmy Rossum

Jared: Jensen Ackles

Ian: ian somerhalder/Chris Evans

</ Aren't they perfect?! Kyle: Shane Kippel (hair dyed of course)

Wanda: Ashley Benson

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100% agree to megan fox! Sophie Bush has a horrible voice.
Jensen Ackles would be perfect for Jared
Oh Ian, I <3 you as Damon Salvatore!

Yes, Ian would be good as Ian and Chris would be good as Kyle. Jensen is perfect as Jared! Good choice!
In my mind I picture Ryan Gosling as Jared and Ben and Casey Affleck as Kyle and Ian. What do you think?

Wanda should be played by Crystal Hunt!
not bad... fits the description...
i don't like her!! she should look really innocent.... ashley benson is a great choice!!
Yes, I agree with you on Ashley.

Her face is beautiful, and her eyes are gorgeous, and she has the more angelic look.

Definitely not, Kristen Bell
wanda is veryyyy shy.
i loveeee herr!
My dreamcast for The Host is:
Melanie Stryder - Sopia Bush
Jared Howe - Jensen Ackles
Jamie Stryder - Josh Hutcherson
Ian O'Shea - Craig Olejnik
Kyle O'Shea - Henry Cavill (Not sure about him, couldn't find anyone who looked like Craig, though ..)
Uncle Jeb - Will Patton
Doc - Lee Pace
Wanda - Elisabeth Harnois or Gemma Ward (I'd prefer Gemma, but i think she looks to mean)
Sharon - Kate Mara (?)
Maggie - No idea ..
I am biased for Ian playing the role of Ian; But Oh my what if Henry Cavill would play the role of Ian instead of Craig Olejnik. But if that was the case I don't have an idea of who can play Kyle. It's so hard to find an actor like that! (sigh) Kellan Lutz would be so perfect...
And yes Ashley Benson should definitely play Wanda, I mean That was my whole point "Innocent"
Thanks for replying!


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