The Twilight Saga

*The pictures I chose were as close to the characters (as I see them coming to life) that I could find. I hope y'all agree with me =]*

Ian: Tom Welling; Perfect amount of Macho, Protector, and Hotness

Kyle: Daniel Cudmore; This pic, to me, is the essence of Kyle

Jared: Channing Tatum; In this pic, I think he could totally pull off Jared's character

Wanderer: Ann Sophia Rob; I think she's perfect for Wanda's own body in the end.

Melanie: Odette Yustman; if maybe her skin was just a bit more tanned

Jeb: Sam Elliot; exactly like I pictured him

Jamie: Jimmy Bennett; I think he's super cute, and just the right age!

What do y'all think? Do you agree w/ my picks? What are your picks? Who do you think should play these roles?

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I really like your Ian, and with Chris Evans as Kyle, they would actually look like brothers! :D I love your choices for Jared and Jeb also, but I think Wanda needs to be shorter than Amanda Seyfried, even though I like Amanda
Thanks! A friend of mine suggested Sean for Ian's part and I was instantly sold.
This picture is what I really imagined Ian to look like:

I agree about Amanda too (that's why she was still a 'maybe' in my book). Just haven't found the perfect Pet yet and she was the closest I could find.
ian and kyle are twins right? hmmmmmmmmm
Wow, i really like your cast. I also think Jamie should look a tad older, maybe a more grown up version of Jimmy would be good too. But Odette Yustman is PERFECT for Mel, i couldn't agree more and Ann Sophia as Wanda's body too. I could completely picture Channing as Jared. When i was reading The Host i couldn't picture any actors who could play these characters, nothing sprung to mind, but your suggestions really put a face to them :). Oh but i always pictured Jeb to look like Kris Kristofferson who plays Whistler in "Blade".
Ooh, maybe the look of Max Thieriot for Jamie - yep that's pretty close to what i pictured. Though, Max might be too old for it now.

Anyway, check it out, Jamie and Wanda's body lol.. :D

omg he's perfect for jamie!!!!!! he's even taller than "wanda" if she were to play her!!!! omg... they are the PERFECT people to play those parts!!!! hehehe
Ok, might be getting a tad carried away but..

Ryan Kelley. I think he's too old for it now but i think he looked like a Jamie.

Justin Hartley. Jared-ish ?


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