The Twilight Saga

*The pictures I chose were as close to the characters (as I see them coming to life) that I could find. I hope y'all agree with me =]*

Ian: Tom Welling; Perfect amount of Macho, Protector, and Hotness

Kyle: Daniel Cudmore; This pic, to me, is the essence of Kyle

Jared: Channing Tatum; In this pic, I think he could totally pull off Jared's character

Wanderer: Ann Sophia Rob; I think she's perfect for Wanda's own body in the end.

Melanie: Odette Yustman; if maybe her skin was just a bit more tanned

Jeb: Sam Elliot; exactly like I pictured him

Jamie: Jimmy Bennett; I think he's super cute, and just the right age!

What do y'all think? Do you agree w/ my picks? What are your picks? Who do you think should play these roles?

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i only agree on your melanie and maybe on your jared here's my dreamcast
melanie - sophia bush/ emmy rossum/odette yustman
wanda - elisabeth harnois/blake lively
jared - jensen ackles/ josh duhamel/ steven strait
ian - ian somerhalder
kyle - kellan lutz
jamie - josh hutcherson
jeb - willie nelson
doc - christian bale
seeker - christina ricci
sharon - evan rachel wook (as a redhead)
maggie - maggie smith
trudy - kathy bates
Wow, I agree with you on almost every character!
i love your choices!!! perfect match- so similar to how i pictured everyone. except for jamie. an oler person perhaps? the kid looks 7.
oh and to denisse.. funny you should pick kellan lutz for kyle because I imagined the same thing!!
yeah he looks exactly as i imagined kyle while i was reading the book!!
Finally someone chose Channing Tatum, I pictured him more for Ian, though. I actually thought for the Doc what about Mark Whalberg or even Donnie Walhberg. Just Ideas. I also like Anne Hathaway as Melanie. Other than that I likes all your pics. I was also thinking Kellan Lutz for Kyle, but I like your pick too. I draw a blank with Jared
melanie/wanda- sophia bush
jared- jensen ackles
wanda/pet- taylor momsen/ amanda schull / alexis bledel
ian- chace crawford
the seeker- christina ricci
sunny- rachel bilson

i would absolutely love sophia to play melanie/wanda, my fav actress playing in my fav movie, my fav character hahaha. :)
i had considered kellan lutz for kyle however, I was mostly looking for ppl nobody knew. I loved that the Twilight cast was chosen and played by a bunch of actors/actresses that weren't well known. And now, Kellan Lutz is well known. I had also considered Josh Hutcherson for the part of Jamie but he's too old to play him now; and the child actor I chose/considered is about the Jamie's age. Y'all know, I hadn't even considered the part of the seeker but I agree, Christina Ricci would be perfect!!! Omg.. I love it =]
i think theyre good except jared is tan and ian isnt...kyle and ian look alike...but ither than tahe...great!
so far this is my dream cast:

Wanda/pet: EMILY DE RAVIN she is so perfect, small and cute and kind looking

kyle o'shea : kellan lutz... but Daniel Cudmore is also good ( i didn't think about him, u great)
jeb: donald southerland ( he can do weird sycho effect), but sam elliot is also a good choice.
seeker : christina ricci
sharon : rachel refreve
aunt maggie: susan saraton...

and i can't decide :
mel : have to be a really great actress and have that masculin effect (like evengaline lilly, but she is to old)
jared : must be big, tan and older

and the hardest, Ian, he so perfect. i can't even imagine him in my head....

loves u all my fellow host fans
wow! incredible, ur ian and kyle actually looks alike. i wonder if they sound alike as well.... hmmm... i think ur jamie is too young. someone maybe a bit older? say 2-3 years older? i really think wanda/melanie should be anne hathaway. lol. jeb is perfect! wanda/pet for me should be kristeb dunst. she's pretty and the shape of her face matches steph's descriptions. what d'ya think?
i agree that there is a better jamie out there somewhere. it was really hard finding one. and i don't think that kristen dunst would be good for pet. she's way too old and i honestly don't think she's pretty at all. ugh, like really, i can't stand her. i don't think she's that great an actress either.
I really like your Mel. Haven't seen her in any movies yet but she does look the part (only after she takes a trip to a tanning salon).

But here's my cast for most of it:
Ian - SEAN FARIS (Never Back Down; Forever Strong - google his image; you won't be able to stop drooling)
Jared - Jensen Ackles
Jeb - Sam Elliot
Kyle - Channing Tatum or Chris Evans
Wanda/Pet - Amanda Seyfried, maybe


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