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I'll post news about The Host Movie & Books & You also can post any thing related to the Host Movie & Book!

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It's funny, sometimes a bit scary. Dean's lines are memorable. LOL

men are never beautiful beautiful is for women only   and his eyes were locked on her beauty words would not

Yah. I saw in the beginning but then school, work. stop me. but now that i dont do any of them. I dont like it anymore

Hmmm...interesting cast...gotta see the movie to decide whether the choices for the movie are good. Truly hope that they would be very disappointing if not. :/

Yes. I'm with you in that one. Hopefully the actors do good.

I can be a bit naive but I believe film makers decided on those actors after actually trying them on their parts. Seems they were pretty good so I think they'll be even better in the movie (after preparation and stuff).

Don't worry. :) :) :)


After the night before yesterday I'm sure the choice for Ian is great. Really!

I'm glad. Lol.

i will try to not worry


Don't, Twilightholic! Not before you see the movie. :)

I just hope they don't mess this one up, like Twilight D; 


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