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I'll post news about The Host Movie & Books & You also can post any thing related to the Host Movie & Book!

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An extra on The Host in Louisiana tweeted a photo of herself with other extras while behind-the-scenes.  Looks like they are going for a 50s feel in the costumes.

Source: Mandi RidgdellAmo The Host

Hopefully, we wont dress like that in the future! Lmao

Behind the Scenes Photos from Louisiana (March 1)

Here are some behind the scenes photos of the setup for shooting some scenes in a rural area of Louisiana.  It is clearly forThe Host as the director’s chairs have The Host on the back of them.  No actors in these photos, but at least we see one of the locations that we might see in the film.

Wow! Grassy

I love this fan art


Stephenie updated her website and posted this:

And when will you get to see all of these beautiful people? Very, very soon! The trailer will be debuting Thursday, March 22nd on-air via Access Hollywood and online via Yahoo! Movies.

For more info—and to get a peek at the faces you should be looking for—please visit the movie fan page at!

Also, they'd love for you to comment and get involved, and personally I'd love to hear what kinds of things you would most like to have a peek at as we continue with the filming. Please chime in!

Thanks, everybody!

2 new stills 

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I can't believe it!!! My imagination failed me! I always thought that Saoirse is great choice even if she looks too fragile for Mel's part but now I can see those stills... she looks exactly as I imagined Mel!!!

The choice couldn't be more perfect!

Woooohoooo!!! :D

They make a beautiful on screen couple

I'd still like to see Ian...


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