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I'll post news about The Host Movie & Books & You also can post any thing related to the Host Movie & Book!

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Are they ever going to make the film..I have read and reread the book about 10 times my fave book of all times

Lol. I think they start shooting soon. Not sure.

Oh yes just found out March, cannot wait!!

Me either!


Hey PP's Jake Abel has tweeted once again given us alittle bit of information about his character "IAN"


hahahahha. can't wait to see this...we should definitely start a countdown for the movie soon...i am so impatient!! 

Guess who pass the role for the Seeker?
“According to Variety, Diane Kruger of National Treasure and Inglorious Bastards fame was not the first choice to play The Seeker. Variety states, “Several actresses passed on the part including Eva Green, Hayley Atwell and Claire Danes…”

Hmm Hayley Atwell would be an excellent choice.

In the pic I see Claire Danes... so she's official choice or what? 'Cause I really like Claire and would be only too happy to see her in The Host...

don't know if she could play the part but she kinda looks like a seeker so maybe she will be a good seeker?

check this out ..not much to see but it cool ..cant wait for more videos on set 

OMG! Wow!

Hmmm ... same place they shoot BD...


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