The Twilight Saga

well . since they announced about the movie .. i FREAKED out ! and .. i thought about songs that they'll be adding there . so, i saw this play list in // well . here's the list of the so-called good songs that match the host .. please add to your replies your songs too !

1. Soul Meets Body-Death cab for cutie
2. futurism-muse
3. I wasn’t prepared-eisley
4. walking after you-foo fighters
5. down in it- nine inch nails
6. blood-editors
7. pts.OF.athrty-linkin park
8. fortress around your heart-sting
9. the ghost of you-my chemical romance
10. because I want you-placebo
11. smile like you mean it-the killers
12. don’t stay-linkin park
13. just like you-three days grace
14. my name is love-rob Dickinson
15. the hand that feeds-nine inch nails
16. my body is a cage-the arcade fire
17. rescued-jack mannequin
18. original of the species-U2
19. the last song-all American rejects
20. beautiful day-U2
i didnt even these songs but check this link and click "playlist" to listen .
add your own !

thanks . ;]

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for the beginning of the movie where they try to catch Melanie i would like this song

Say Goodnight-Bullet for my Valentine
robin williams- bodies xD
In the beginning they should have Points of Authority- Linkin Park. Also I can wait forever- Simple Plan for Jared and Melanie.
i think this playlist is in steph's website..... i'm pretty sure it's the exact same playlist but if it's not, there are manymililar songs in both playlists
uhmm .. i don't remember but, like what i said, it's in that link: .
well , i'll check steph's website again , see for sure if it really is there ..
yeah . you're right :D
some songs here i don't even know but they're really good for the book .. :)
yeah i always like steph's playlists
and .. she really chooses the perfect ones !
i hope she get to choose the perfect ones for THE HOST ☺
she will.... steph is brilliant, her favorite bands are some of the greatest musicians on earth (muse)
well, in the end, when they put wanderer into a new body, they should play this when she wakes up

Fully Alive - Flyleaf

Flyleaf|MySpace Music Videos

but just the chorus
it's a really good song but i think it doesn't go with the scene... it's too hard rock (don't get me wrong i love rock music) but i think it should be something more romantic, because wanda wakes up and all she wants is to see ian and when she finds it.. it's a really emotive moment
yeah .. something slower ? or romantic. just like what you said .
but it's really nice .
I'll try to find some other songs ..
not to cheesy songs ? right ? :)
yeah not too cheesy... i'm looking for the perfect song too but i can't find one, but i found a song for another ian/wanda moment
the song is called everything - lifehouse i think it's perfect specially at 3:56


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