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I just finished reading The Host and I can't believe it took me this long to do so! It was absolutely amazing and I could not put it down! The love story in this book was just so epic. Yes, it was complicated, but completely understanding. You can definitely tell that it was meant for an adult audience, and since I am an adult it was like a breath of fresh air. I loved the Twilight series, don't get me wrong. But, I think I liked The Host just a little bit better. I really hope she either starts making a series out of it or takes a different character from the novel and portrays their point of view. Fell in love with this book.

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Yes :3 I'm happy that I could actually read it slow without effort the second/third time ^_^
There is now Reply to this .. under your comment Light's Up the Darkness.. but yea I can't wait for that day to come for me :) Are you excited about Bree Tanner?

I hope she comes out with a sequel soon!!!
There is no reply under yours either :O weird. But yes I am actually very excited about how it will turn out. I'd love to read a little about her previous life ^^
Yea I suppose that's a really good way to think about it. I'm not too sure how excited I am.. but like I said in the other comment.. it will do for now :)
Yes I understand what you mean. I mean if I could choose I'd ask her to write another the host book, not a Bree Tanner one, but if that's what we get that's fine for now. I just hope she'll write more ^^
Really?!??! What other books is she writing???? Is it going to continue from Mel's or Wanda's perspective?! As much as I don't care who's perspective it was from, just as long as she continues to write more of The Host... I still want it to be from Wanda's perspective!! Or Melanie's! How did you feel about the ending??

Yea! I just heard about the movie..TOTALLY excited!!!
The ending was good...^^....i could've predicted the twist as well but it was alll good....i love it!!!!
yaa, with SM's books i think its possible for anyone to read em n relate to em in their own way ^-^
i think thats y i lyk any book by her SSOOOO much<3
it would b cool if we could c the story in Ian, Melanie n Wanda's perspective
Yes, I think the main reason for SM's books being so popular is the way you can relate to the characters! and of course because the whole story kicks ass too :)
haha exactly!!!! :)
I completely agree XD
I agree! I'm glad all ages love it.. I was just saying it was nice to have an adult book come out with a more mature love. :)

Ian's and Jared's would be uber awesome! I never thought of that!!!! Hmmm.. it shall be interesting.


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