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I just finished reading The Host and I can't believe it took me this long to do so! It was absolutely amazing and I could not put it down! The love story in this book was just so epic. Yes, it was complicated, but completely understanding. You can definitely tell that it was meant for an adult audience, and since I am an adult it was like a breath of fresh air. I loved the Twilight series, don't get me wrong. But, I think I liked The Host just a little bit better. I really hope she either starts making a series out of it or takes a different character from the novel and portrays their point of view. Fell in love with this book.

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I know.. at first I was like who the hell is Fords Deep Waters.. lol. It was hard to get through the first couple of chapters.. and I HATED that seeker. But, then, like you said Shadow_Kissed, I could NOT put it down. I lost sleep over this book! It's terrible how I get so into these books sometimes lol. I absolutely fell in love with it. LOL
me too ^-^
im still workin on gettin my sister to read it, especially since i know she'll b REALLY into it cuz she's older :P
Yes def try to get her into it!!! LOL.. the first couple of chapters.. I was kind of into it.. but not so much and then it was just like WOW... I NEED to keep reading!!! LOL.
ME TOO XD I just asked myself "what the heck is a seeker and fords deep waters?" after that I stopped reading because it was so confusing. I don't know what got me to read further, but I definetly didn't regret it, I totally love this booooooook! :)
me too!!!! at first i was like whts going on bt as i was reading more and more i fell in love with it lol it was an amazing novel!!!! i jst wnt to knw wht happen nxt=?
That's just what happened me. It's like I was disconnected from reality and I lived in my own world, and after I read the book I felt so.. empty cause I had nothing to read, nothing to take me away from the reality for a while :3
I know, I seriously thought I was the only one, that nobody could be more in love with the book than me. I actually got my friend to get the book, but she stopped reading it... I told her the first chapters are not that good and that it WILL be better, but she won't listen to me. Well, it's her own fault that she'll miss something amazing :)
thats the exact same situation that me n my sister r in :P
I know right?! Lights up in the darkness.. I completely understand what you mean! I am still feeling empty! LMAO. Although I just finished the book like 2 days ago. I'm re-reading it, but as slowly as I can :)
Haha I know! My eyes just dart sometimes and I'm like.. okay SLOWWWW down :) LOL.. I can't wait for another one to come out! I just hope it's still through Wanderer's or Melanie's perspective because otherwise.. it'll be kind of a let down. We shall see!!! <3
Yes I really hate that feeling =( I re-read it like three times after that, slowly, it took me like a week XD I just can't get enough of the book, it's so awesome :)
I know I can't either!!! I'm on my second time.. and I am trying so hard to not go through it so quickly! It's just pure amazing-ness :)


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