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hello everybody!i've got a big question,that is

------------i know there'll be more books on The Host,but have they been published yet?i really want to get one,but havent heard of a new one..i'm fairly confused and need some help!!!!!!!!!

thx~~~~~~~~lol  =p

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No The Host is a lone book at the moment. SM claims shell try to work on the sequel as soon as shes done with the Breaking Dawn movies so until then i dont think we are getting a second book.
Oh,that's bad news for me...I'm really lookin forward to other books!
n thanks a lot for ur reply! :p

Its bad news for every Host fan :( but we have to be patient :)

And no worries :)

Yeah,i'm gonna wait for it to come out.. :)
I think we're all doing that already hahaha
ur totally right;p
lool :P
Whoa !! Wait there is more books!!! OMG!! yess! =P I tell u right away when i get some news from the web!!!
Thnx a lot=) I'm really lookin forward 2 it
She mentioned it in an interview! Even named them, 2nd one would be The Soul and the third, The Seeker! :D
Agree!!seems that stephenie has finished a lot,but I haven't seen any new book publish..too hard to wait:(
WOW I didn't know this was turning into a series. I was perfectly happy with just The Host. But it is good news!!!!!!!


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