The Twilight Saga

When I got out of the shower everyone was sitting on the floor telling stories and laughing thier heads off. I smiled and sat on Ian's lap as he kissed my head.

"What's up guys?" I asked as they all smiled at me.

"Nothing much. We're just telling stories from when we kids. It's really entertaining. It's Ian's turn right now." Jodi told me. I looked up at him and giggled at his embarresed expression.

"Ok. What's the story this time? Funny, emabbarising, getting in trouble or school?" He asked us. I smiled evily and they all looked at me curious.

"You should tell the most emabbarising, funny story about you getting in trouble at school." His eyes grew wide and we all laugheed at him.

"Okay. So when I was in middle school I was playing soccer in P.E." They all laughed even though I didn't see what was so funny.

"That day my older sister was subbing for us. She would be like thirty or fourty but she died. So anyway she was our substitute for the day and I was in her last period class. She knew I rocked at soccer and when I walked in she called me up in front of the whole class.
"She said and I quote, 'Ian! It's so good to see you again super diaper baby. Remember when you used to run around the house in a diaper on your head and nothing else?' It was pure evilness and then we choose teams. When She was goalie, I kicked the ball so hard she flew straight into the net. She was so mad that she not only gave me detention and a refurl, she sent called my mom." He shuddered and we all laughed at the story.

"Ha ha ha ha. You guys wanna teach Wanda how to play truth or dare or do you wanna do that tomorrow. Honestly I'm kinda tired." Mel said as she put her head on Jared's shoulder. He put his arm around her and then kissed her head.

They left soon so did everyone else. Soon only me and Ian sat on the floor on our stomaches and stared at each other.

"Ian?" I said uncomfortably, remembering when he was acting weird. It was really bugging me but and I really wanted to know. Even if it was something bad.

"Yes Wanda?" He asked confused.

"You were acting weird earlier and I was just wondering what was wrong? Please tell me." I begged him. Tears flooded my eyes at the thought that it was me or something I did.

"Oh Wanda. Something happend and we needed to get you out of there. I was just worried that you had found out and that was what was making you sick." He told me honestly. There were tears in his eyes and I instantly felt like crying but I had to figure out what happened in the caves.

"Ian?" I said taking a deep breath and staring at his enchanting blue eyes. "What happened?" I asked him, already scared.

"Someone died." He said. Tears escaping his eyes already.

"Who." I said scareder than ever.

I realized who at the same time he said the name. Who else? The most vulnerbal person there. Just to get back at me for what the souls did to them.

"He suffocated when Jared and Mel were sleeping. He rolled over and couldn't breath." He said as the tears spilled out of my eyes and I collapsed in a wited heap on the floor.
I'm sorry I had Ryan die you guys. If it helps I'll make the next chapter better. Thanks to everyone who reads these. I promise the next chapter will have a big surprise. No one will guess it. But if you do I won't tell you. Oh and if Alice is reading this... HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALICE!!!!!!

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ok,soo....i actually like that rian is dead, because if wanda had a baby i would like that the baby was ian's =D
very good chapter...super diaper baby hahahahahahahahahaha
hope the next chapter comes soon
thanks. I'll try and have it out soon.
wow! :)
I loved the chapter soooooooooo muich! <3
super diaper baby! :D
I am sad that ryan died :(
But i still love the story! :D
please post more soon :)
Yeah I am to. I decided to change it so he wasn't like murdered.
omg this is sooooo good... i'm also glad that ryan died because i saw ian was really uncomfortable with him around so pleaaaase keep writing!!!!
so incase you guys read any of my other replies I thought you should know I changed how ryan died orrigannaly. At first I had him murdered as revenge against Wanda but then I changed it so it wouldn't be so... horrible. So yeah. Big surprise coming next chapter.
I can't wait also!
please post more soon! :D
as soon as i can! I started with weight lifting at my after school thing for extra credit. But that is only for an hour and not as long as volleyball was. But I think I'll write the next chapter either thursday or friday.
thank-you! :D


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