The Twilight Saga

"Let's go you guys." I whispered as things started falling into place. Ian, Jeb, Jared and Brandt were waiting by the corner of the ally and Mel, Jamie and I started walking to the little house on Becker street.

The lights were on and dtwo people we're inside watching a tv. I think they were either watching a souls version of a drama/tradgedy that ended in of course a happy ending.

"Knock on the door Jamie. Keep the contact lenses in guys." I whispered. If you had contacts in then they made it look like you had silver in your eyes. Like souls.

Jamie knocked and we held our breaths untill two people opened the door.

"Jamie! Mel! How nice to see you guys! This must be one of your friends. Come in come in." They said hugging everyone.

"We need help bringing in our stuff. Can you come help us?" Mel asked casually.

"Yes. Let me go get Ryan." Mel's mom said.

"I'll go get him for you if you like. It's not trouble at all." I offered. They nodded and left.

I went to get Ryan and froze in the doorway. It was decorated like it really was a humans room. Lots of stuffed animals, little mobiles and of course, the crib and the small little baby laying wide awake in the middle of it.

"Hi ryan." I said walking toward him. He whimpered and I could tell he really was human, not just because he was acting like one but also because he hadn't said hi.

"Come here, sweetie. We're gonna take you to your mommy and daddy." I said picking him up. He fit into my arms perfectly and I realized he looked nothing like Mel's parents. He looked alot like Pet...

That's when the memory slammed into me. Pet and the dude. Alone at the house. Drunk and bored. 9 monthes later at sixteen. Baby given away to them.

"Oh my god. Your my kid aren't you?" I asked him. Not excpecting an answer. "Ian is so gonna kill me." I told him as I went to join the others.

Everything was ready and I sat in the passenger seat next to Ian while I held Ryan. My son. Or Pet's son.

"Everything alright wanda? Your really quiet." Ian observed.

"Guys I have to tell you something. You might want to pull over for this Ian." I told him. He looked worried, so did everyone else.

He pulled over and looked at me. "What is it Wanderer. What?" He said.

"Ryan is Pet's son. This is my body's biological son." I said as everyone's eyes widened.

So I couldn't really think of anything else. I guess I was thinking wanda should have a kid. Sorry if it's not as good as the others. Comment and let me know what you think.

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shocking, amaizing, brilliant....
i REEEEEEEEEEEEEALY hope that the next chapter is coming soon
i like it....amazing idea...
Thanks you guys. Your awesome for reading these. It means alot to me.
Great twist, I really like it, please write more!
aaaah this is so cool.. so shocking but drunk and bored?? that doesn't sound like a soul but it's so great i love it!!! please keep writing!!!
I know it doesn't sound like a soul but no one said Pet had to be a perfect soul. She proabably did some things no one else knew about. So i thought let's give her some charecter and not have her be the perfect kid.
yeah it's a good idea i like the twist you gave to the story... please keep writing and write something more about ian/wanda's relationship!!!
love the idea, would you be able to message me if you decide to write it
sure. Send me a friend request and I can tell you before I write it.
XD awesome work, please write the next chapter soon.


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