The Twilight Saga

Burns was hanging out with Ian and me... Again. He and his group had been staying with us for a few days but now it was time for a raid. We had forgotten about it in our momentary joy and relief and had taken them back to meet everyone else.

"So you wanna come with us on our raid Burns?" Ian asked him after they finished bouncing the soccerball off thier heads. He looked at me, smiled, and then looked at Ian.

"Sure. Sounds like alot of fun." He answered Ian. They were begining to be really good friends.

It was Ian, Mel, Jared, Burns, Jamie, Aaron and me. Kyle wanted to come but when he told Sunny she flipped out. She was almost in tears and Kkyle didn't want that to happen.

"Hey Wanda? You coming?" Ian asked me as he snuck up behind me. He kissed my cheek and I was ready for Mel to yell at me. This didn't happen and I sighed.

We walked down the fimialer hall and ended up in the big cave. Everyone was there including Burns's group of humans. They would stay here untill we returned with Burns and the supplies we needed. We were also taking the occupied cry-o-tanks with us.

"Lets go you guys." I said and I started bouncing up and down. I was so excited that I got to go on this raid.

"Hey Wanda! You excited about the raid! I've never been on a raid with you before and this is awesome! thanks for letting me come again." Jamie was saying as he grabbed my hand. He was as excited as I was.

"Jamie I told you not to get Wanda extra hyped. She'll be like this all night if you keep it up." Mel teased me. We had become sisters and had been spending alot of time together. She was helping me with getting stronger and running faster and farther without stopping.

"Sure Mel." jamie said as we walked out of the cave.

"You remember what happened last time don't you Jamie?" Ian said. Jamie hadn't come with us then but we had come back and told him the story plenty of times.

Jamie just shook his head and kept bouncing along with me. By the time we had walked to the Jeep I was tired. Ian, Jamie and me took the back of the Jeep. Mel and Jared had the front two seats and Aaron and Burns had the middle.

I cuddled in to Ian's chest and fell asleep with him stroking my hair.

"Wanda. Wanda. Time to wake up." Mel's voice called. It was early in the morning and everyone was awake.

"M'kay" I said and sat up. Ian pulled me up in his lap and I was comfertable in a second. Jamie was babbiling to me and I just nodded my head and played with Ian's giant hands.

We were in Pheonix in about 2 hours.

"Okay so Burns and Wanda you go get the supplies and we'll wait here. Burns your gonna have to help Wanda carry things. 'kay?" Jared said. I still loved him but Ian was my true partner and I loved him more.

"Kay." He said smiling as he helped me out.

Please tell me if you liked it. I know it's not as good as Stephenie's but please leave some comments. Thanks.

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it's really good, i liked it but watch your spelling
It's really good
Thanks. I know I have to watch my spelling but I really like the host and I kinda suck at spelling.
Hey, it's a good start and made me want more! Well done Bella :)
Thanks! :)
It's alright, you should work on your detailing.
It seemed like it was alright. If you enjoy writing you should ask your english teacher to help you out, with what you need to work on to strenghten your working.

But i liked the plot
you just made my day....thanks
really? Thanks. That makes me feel good.
i'm glad...and i expect more ;)
awesome story very curious to read your next post
i like wanda better than mel!! i knw mel is tough and evrything but wanda is jst wonderful and yes she fits with ian!!!!!!! i luv this book so much i cried over it three times when i read it!!!!!!!
I real like it it has the whole consept on it I'm not trying to be nice Im
dead seriose it's real good. :-)


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