The Twilight Saga

I think the Host was better. I like how it was a full story.
They should make it a movie.

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host cus it constantly leaves urr emotion on the edge and and never let go of ur attention
i just love the host its so much more intense
the host is better... waaay better, i love twilight but the host is more complex in the way that the charaters are developed, their feelings are more realistic than in twilight and the story is much more intense... i hope to see a movie, i think it will be amazing!!!
The Host actually teaches you things, like to appreciate your body. And Stephenie makes you feel for those characters, like what the others are saying, it has more complex characters. The Twilight Saga is just reading for fun if you understand what i mean. The Host is amazing and it's one of her best works.
I love them both! Great books, and i wish they do movie about Host. But if i had to choose which one is better, maybe for me just a little bit Twilight Saga :)
Yes, above all else i think THE HOST is better.

More complex, more mature (because it is an adult novel)
and like what others say, it has more depth.....
this is why THE HOST IS MY NO. 1 BOOK as of my current list ^_^

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you should read perfect chemistry... that book topped host for my list.
oh...i'll check it out...and try if i can have one...
I've got to say, I do like Twilight better. But The Host is still one of my favourites. It's comes just after The Twilight Saga. Sorry, I know I'm going to get loads of hate comments. But oh well!
totalliee channeed myy minnd! i'vee readd the hossst soo mannny timees and havee relissedd thatt i enjoyed thhe host moree. x
They should totally make a movie of it.
they are making a movie!!! i heard it was!! but i dont know when it comes out


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