The Twilight Saga

I think the Host was better. I like how it was a full story.
They should make it a movie.

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I agree I think The Host was quadruple as good as Twilight [I still absolutely adore Twilight, so don't get mad at me] I think The Host had a lot more story to it then the whole Twilight saga put together, and that was only one book.

Now about the movie, whenever they make a movie off of a book the movie isn't even half as good as the book was [for example, Twilight, Confessions of a shopaholic and Harry Potter, even though I don't even like Harry Potter] So making a movie out of The Host Would probably ruin it for me, that's just me though, that may not be you.
well i think they should just find good directors for movies.

because wasnt the pursuit to happiness a book? and that movie was great because they actually had good actors and singers
the host was a lot more.... addicting than twilight. i couldn't not read it for a month! and yeah... if they make a movie about it, and it sucks, i will personally send that person to the depths of hell!!!! MWAHAHAHAHA! oh and..... IAN IS BETTER!!!! -random comment-
Let us not forget about those moments in cinematography when a movie is actually better than the book. Don't kill me but I def. prefer Twilight the movie than the book (the story of Bella-oh-so-in-love-with-oh-my-gawd-so-beautiful-perfect-beautiful-perfect-beautiful-perfect-did-I-mentioned-beautiful-and-perfect-Edward was imho boring). Also there were movies like 'Bridget Jones's Diary" (thank God in the movie she wasn't waking up in the middle of the night to check her weight!!!) or "The devil wears Prada". So... we'll see the movie first and then we'll worry about good/bad quality of it. ;)

And since the topic is about comparing Twilight and the Host... You can read above that I actually don't like the Saga. But I like "The Host", I couldn't stop reading it and stop thinking what will happen next. Yes, there is much more depth in this book. Besides I like the way Stephenie shows humans. And she showed something more - being human is something to be proud of (not like in the Twilight). Also being human doesn't necessary mean that you stay on two legs and have two hands. I find that v. optimistic and that's what made me love this story. :)
Well... I have to say, the Host reminded me a lot of Animorphs minus the animorphing. I mean, substitute 'soul' for 'yeerk' and it's a pretty similar situation. That aside, I think Meyer handled the idea of bodysnatching better, heightening the tension by muddling the lines of right and wrong, unlike Applegate's rather black-and-white depiction. I think Meyer's handling of romance in the book was much more mature than in that of Twilight, deeper and with more convincing emotions between them. The storyline was also better in that it didn't revolve around the romance between the male and female protagonists. (the entire basis of Twilight) It had internal conflicts, struggles to fit in, find oneself, etc. Overall, I think Host had much more depth than Twilight.
i agree.

what do you think about making it a movie?
Exactly!!! the host has more depth than Twilight
I agree completely

well Ive never read animorphs

I agree with the twilight-the host
I havent heard about Animorphs since I was a kid. And Host is much like that. Just more adult too!
YES, nice! I agree!
Honestly I liked the host better than twilight, don't get me wrong I absolutly love twilight.. but like they said before there is so much more in depth than twilight..

I would love to see her write a few more books and then see how it goes before a movie is made.. i would totally watch the movie though no matter what.
When I read the twilight series it took me a week to read all 4 of them. I love them so much and have since re-read them 3 times. I really never thought I could like a book better then the Twilight series. Then a friend of mine told me about The Host. I had not heard of it so she let me borrow her copy. I was totally wrong about never liking another book better. The Host is so much more. (don't get me wrong I still love the Twilight series) I have read books before that made me teary but I was bawling when I was reading The Host. I am not sure that any movie could due the book justice, but I thought the same of Twilight, so I could be wrong.


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