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Well, do you remember the fact that some of the See Weeds committed suicide rather than let the souls insert themselves? So do you think it's also very violent of souls to inhabit not only humans, but also some other species, even plants or animals?
How do you feel in general about all that philosophy of souls about the greater good?

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I think they inhabit the dominent species on any givin planet. I don't think it's violent because they do think it's for the greater good. They do have to inhabit a species to live.
It takes Wanda a long time to realize that the Souls are absolutely wrong and immoral to commit genocide of species after species. They make so many mistakes, wasting many lives (See Weeds' suicide, Fire World & failing to recognize another sentient species), because of their arrogance in assuming they know what is best. The reality is that they know what is only best for the Souls.

We are told very little of the See Weeds but they appear to be a fixed, communal, story telling species...Wanda never says how the Souls "improve" the See Weeds or the Flowers or the Dolphins...the rationale of taking over the humans is that we are a violent self destructive species...without recognizing that humans have qualities that may be superior to the Souls. I find that the Souls as a species are arrogant, smug and self righteous. They rationalize the annihilation of other sentient species in order to dominate a habitable planet.

Of course the Souls have a right to exist...on their own planet where they evolved a symbiotic relationship with their host species. That is natural and right. The evolution of that relationship would have made it mutually beneficial to both species.
All the points made in the discussion are valid and I think that is the premise of the book. When you are born under a doctrin and that is all you know, it is the way of living as you know it, then most of the time you do not consider other posibilities. If other possibilities are present then you usualy reject them (resistance to change) because they are not the norm, it is not accepted as the right way. The book gives you a sample of what happens in our society constantly and it also presents one of the main reasons why we as humans are not united. It took an extraordinary event to unite tha human race and even then there was a strogle with power and determining the right thing to do.

The book also shows you that change can not be avoided. That it will happen.
i think it wrong for them to take over they have there own planet, couldnt they leave ours alone? but I do get that they think that it helps, that it better because some people are sick so I get where there comeing from but i still think its wrong.
I really dont see the point in them taking over for the body's help really because then the body's just gone and they can't seet he new world anyways so what the hell
its difficult .. cause i mean .. the souls want to do it .. for the planet's own good .. but .. it really isnt good to take someone's life .. so .. its hard to tell..
as wanda said, they want to experiene, not change. but i think they changed alot. i would prefer that the humans get their body back and the souls should experience humanity if people are willing to give up their body (which i doubt), or create some humans. gosh, they're prodigies-they can do whatever they want


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