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So, my sister and I were talking about The Host tonight, I finally read it last week and we were both a little put off by how Wanderer turned out.

I think Pet's body is all wrong for Wanderer. For one, she's too young, especially to be with Ian. Secondly, Wanderer is supposed to be a very strong, experienced being. She's well-known throughout her species as being an adventurer, and one of the most well-adaptable souls, which is why they chose her for Mel's body. So it didn't sit well with me that she ended up in a body that looks so young, weak and innocent. Yes, she's a very kind, caring and sweet being, but I think her strength and everything she's made it through should have been better represented in the body she ended up in. I pictured someone older, with a more athletic build to show her strength. A kind face is fine, but a child-like face and a voice that's high-pitched and giggly isn't right for me.

It seems like Stephenie has made the much younger female/much older male pairing a reoccurring theme in her books, and this time I don't think it works. I just can't picture a strong, well built man with someone who's only 16 and looks innocent enough to be 7. I feel like Ian's character ended up getting a raw deal, despite the fact that he said he doesn't care about what she looks like.


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I acyually really like her body for her! Except for the part were shes weak but I love everything about her, I like how she's young because I think she'd like to live a loong last and final life!! and I personally think that she's young,well not in age because she's probably like 1000, but in sense to human life she's young, as for innocent I think that because we are human, we'd probably run away and hate her, but because Steph didnt want any humans to hate Wanda because she truely is someone special and so she gave her the kind adorable innocent face because later if any human crosses her path they would be instanyly pulled towards her and get to know her and obviously like her.
So I think Steph had every reason to put these characteristics because she has a reason towards way she gave her these looks and personality.
She was able to get people to love her in Mel's body because who she was, so I don't think a child-like, weak body was necessary.

I do see your point about wanting to have a long life so she needed a young body, but making it a few years older, at least 18 to 20 wouldn't have hurt anything.

I guess I never pictured Wanderer as a giggly, adorable blonde with freckles. When I picture a strong, wise and experienced person, the last thing I associate that with is cuteness, so her personality didn't really seem to fit Pet's body for me.
You said that the child-like, weak body wasn't neccessary but in truth it is! Yes sm got people to love her in Mel's body, but it took a long time,may I add, with a lot of accidents. Kyle trying to get her killed many times.
Ya but that took her quite a while, and people had to warm up to her first to get to know there real Wanda, but in this body once they see her, they are already warmed up to her,

well they cant really know Pets real age and she is only 17 so its fine.

No I pictured her giggling, I dont know I think she is just fine!
I so agree with you Nadine. i don't like the weakness either but if she looks cute and adorable no other soul will mistrust her..thus, getting any supplies that any of the other humans would need.
No other soul mistrusted her in Mel's body, either. Wanderer told the humans that they wouldn't - souls have no reason to distrust another soul, no matter what body they have.
I bet that this new body of hers plays a huge part in the next couple of books. I don't think that the souls will always be so trusting once they discover how many of them are being taken by their hosts as well as wild humans.
yes you took the the words right out of my mouth.
We shall see, that would definitely make things interesting. Can't say it makes me like the body any better, though. ;/
i c ur point. i like the body but i am also curious as to how the body mite make things difficult or simple.
Thank you Twilightholic!!
I actually like her in her new body. Wanderer was never a fighter, if you read the host again, you can see that, when Kyle attacked her, she wanted Melanie free to fight him, and also, she was so scared of the humas at first, when they were in the field for the first itme ,she imagined the ppl hitting her with rhe shovles, yet she couldn't raise her own even to block a blow, so you see Wanda is not a fighter, she's the most fragile person ever and i think that's the image Stephenie wanted us to see, and Pet's body represents that,
You also said, tha she was the strong soul, that's why they gave her Melanie's body which is strong.... that's wrong actually, Wanderer is strong with her epxerience, they did not give her Melanie's body because it was strong physically, they gave her a resistant host for her to unlock the information the host holds in the brain, that's what they mean by strong, and they assumed that Wanda can handle her.
And after they spend time together, Wanda totally changes, she's not the same soul, who hates humans and resistance, she lost that by loving JAred, JAmie, and Ian... and all the humans... that's the point of it.
Pet was just a symbol of the transition Wanda made/
But i agree with you about the age... she could have been a little bit older!


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