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Tell if u want or not.... and tell why or why not.


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Not sure if I do or not am waiting to see how New Moon goes if they dont go by the book any more than they did with Twilight no I dont because Twilight was to much different than the book and to short. I am hoping they do the other books more justice with the movies!
yes yes yes..
i m waiting for the host movie.i'd love to see how they portray malanie,and design the caves.and cant wait to see Ian O'shea,though i have made an image of him in my imaginations,but cant wait to see how they portray him in the movie.
Not to say the little body where wanda reborns....
i hope they make a movie...
I do want it to be a movie just because it would make a great movie and it would be very interesting what they would do and whether or not they would keep it close to the book or not... I would really like it to be a movie.. REALLY!!
I want it to be if they pick out the right actors for the roles and go by the book.But I do wonder how their going to film it because they were in the caves most of the book. So I don't know if they'll be able to have the right lighting for the caves since most of the caves didn't have light .

i think it would be wayyyy to hard to make the host into a movie bc the whole thing is b/w mel and wanda and its all in their minds
I agree. I don't see how they could film all the inside conversation between melanie and Wanda. It would be really complicated.
I think the host is just perfect as a book, there is no need to turn it into a movie.
i agree with you :D
Personally, no I wouldn't.
Because the book it's self is so complicated,
try to fit that into about an hour and a half, maybe two;
then attempt to make people understand that concept.
And you just won't have enough time.

If "The Host" was a huge thing like Harry Potter or Twilight,
than be my guest because a lot more people would've read the story.
But not so many have read The Host because it's science fiction,
and when people think of that they think,
aliens, space-ships, magic, etc..

I would enjoy it if it were a movie,
but all I'm saying is that it's too complex and time consuming
to fit into a two hour time frame at the most.
Yes, i hhope they do, but i also hope they show Sthephanie Meyer more respect then they did with the movie twilght. they will have a hard time makeing go by the book but if they do the movie will be so succcesful. have a little faith in stephanie meyer and get a bigger budget then you did in twilight. I also want it to be a movie because i didnt get to finish reading the host!!!! sigh. i got to the part where they are in Jeb's home.
I'd rather have SM devote her time to making a sequel for the book, and continuing the life in the caves than have her spend time trying to make a movie.
oh please i would love to see it as a movie


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