The Twilight Saga

Guys!!!!!!! We don’t have any information of the movie or the next book in the saga (The Soul)

The last information in the page of Stephenie was in September (That’s too much!!!!!) L

Some of you know some new information????


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no but she gave and interview the day of new moon premiere that she wanted to focus this year on writing the sequel to the host... the interview is on this website you can check it but i'm dying to know more about the movie (cast, release date, etc) please if someone knows something let me know!!!!
agree agree!
Yesss! That is always something more than "there will be a sequel"! This year Stephenie focuses on writing the next part of The host, that's fine for me. Hope she'll have a lot of time to do it. Am waiting impatiently for the next year then 'cause I think in 2011 we'll see another book. :D
I thought she also said something about Midnight Sun didn't she?
Oh no... So she's going to continue MS anyway? Hope The soul will be first...
I don't know if she is continuing Midnight Sun
i dnt think she will finish Midnight Sun.... she said its locked in a vault =(
the people who leaked it are asses!
Ugh i know i was really looking forward to that book:(
uh.... No. she said it isn't locked up in a vault. She will finsish one day, she just wants a break from Vampires for a while.
I hate it! the paperback version comes out in less than a month and Stephenie hasn't said ANYTHING about anything since the Q and A thing for new moon back in NOVEMBER


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