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I mean... how many books are there out there without killing or violence to some degree?

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hm, thats a hard question. Im going to look for a book like that.
maybe just the fairytales would stay, or not even those XD like for example alice in wonderland, the queen wanted to kill everybody who made her upset, or not just want to... :D
Exactly! There wouldn't really be much of a selection anymore... maybe a Jane Austen novel or two. :)
yeah, earth is full of violence. the souls sure had a hard time erasing all those movies and books and everything :D
Doubt they'd allow Jane Austen. So poor souls would read about bad Wickham? Or even worse Willoughby? ;)

Hmm... well, maybe Persuations would do...
I'm sure they'd allow "Kama Sutra". ;)
No, really! It's not only about how to make love but also how to live, what to eat etc. And souls like love... and peacefull life. :)
I'm in the middle of "Circle of friends" Meave Binchy - if the second part of the book is the same as is the first one Souls would allow it.

Btw excellent idea for the topic!
Idk...There are sooo many books with violence and sex and stuff that souls don't like. if i find one i will post it but it will be hard to find!
:) I love this book too much. This is the sort of stuff I think about when I'm doing dishes. I can't think of much of anything either!
That's great 'cause thanks to you we'll have a lot of interesting topics to discuss!

Just thought that it's easier to find out which book wouldn't be allowed by souls. De Sade's works are out of the question, deffinitelly. ;-)
Ha! It's definitelt easier to ask the question that way, but it could go on and on and never stop! In truth, there's really not much of anything in the adult book world that would make it very far in their world. Fairy tales are even out of the question. Bible stories... it's interesting because a question like this makes you stop and realize how full of violence, even a little, our world is!
Even The bible would be forbidden - Cain killing Abel? The flood when all the ppl died? No way!

I'm thinking v. hard and can't recall anything fully innocent.

Same when i am doing something that just has to do with my hands I am mostly thinking abt what will happen in the host.
they probably ruin it all by censoring them or destroying them lol.


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