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tell me what you guys liked most, and what u hated most about the Host.

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Well I really hated the beginning. I thought it was boring and it took me awhile to get into the book. I really liked Wanda's and Ian's relationship...I loved how he protected her and adored her. The best part though was the end when Wanda got her own body and Melanie got Jared.
i really hated who wanda turned out to be in the end, a young, weak girl. and i liked that she ended up with ian.
I loved alot of it, but I didn't like it when:
Wanda didn't turn Kyle in
Wanda didn't kill the Seeker
Wanda ended up in a weak girl's body
Jared was so mean to her at first
Melanie and Wanda fought so much
Kyle didn't die (my ex-boyfriend's name was Kyle, so I was kinda hoping for his demise)
Jodi didn't make it
One of the Healers died

But, overall, I loved it.
i din't like the begging also i thought it was boring and hard to keep readin but once i got passed that it was amazing!
My favorite part was when Wanda told Ian she loved him too I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well at first the book was kinda boring and i didn't like it when Wanda was doing Melanie's orders to find Jamie and Jared and how much water to take etc. I loved the ending and the part when Ian said, ''But i love you, doesnt tht matter?'' plus when Ian also told her that, ''I held you in my hand Wanderer and you were so beautiful''
I thought it was super sweet when Wanda found out Ian loved her and not Mel's body. Also Kyle is such a jerk! Why didn't Wanda let Jeb kick him out? Oh yeah, because she is too nice!
The book of course was slow in the beginning, and that I hated. I definatly loved the way that Ian loved Wanderer and how Jared also couldnt let go of her. I hated that Melanie was sort of MIA after Wanderer was gone. She seems like she is now so wraped up with Jared she forgot about Melanie, I expected them to be Best of Friends at the end of this book, or did I miss that notion. I will read the book again. I feel like there are things I will pick up on once I open the book again. I LOvE Ian O'Shea!!
i didn't like the begining.... everything was so confusing and a little bit boring... i stopped reading it for like a month but the when i got to the part in the desesrt and the caves i loved it and it became my favorite book, i'm reading it again and i understand the first part a little more...
my favorite part is the relationship between wanda and ian
I'll agree that the beginning was slow but only because it was hard to follow the difference between the Wanda and Mel. I was a little confused of the importance of Lilly and Wes. Were they included to sybolize love that has no bounds? Or soemthing like that? I wish the wall and the door in Mel/Wanda consciousness was described a little more. Once in a while there was a door then a wall then a crumbling wall... I fell in love with Ian. The full transformation from pure loathing to unconditional love for Wanda was wonderful. The book was a nice change from the Twilight saga, there was still constant tension to keep me reading and an intervvined love...square? lol I wish there would have been some kind of interaction with Maggie and Sharon especially since Mel went to find Sharon in the first place.
I did not like the amount of violence on Wonda by Jared and Kyle. she pretty much spent the whole book having the shizzle kicked out of her. I mean come on! how many times was she punched in the face???

I liked how she hated all violence and wouldnt even defend herself (not that she could with these two built up grown men).
who agrees??
i loved the part when wanda wakes up in pet's body and ian kisses her... that's the sweetest part in the book
i hated the begining because it's so confusing and a little boring.. but then i read the book again and i understand a lot of things i didn't the first time i read it, so yeah i don't like the begining but i don't hate it as i used to do it
what i like:
battle of two minds, though Wanda's thoughts and Melanie's were a bit of confusing i loved those parts! The characters i love the most are Wanda and Jebb. I love how insightful they are esp. Jebb, weird crazy old man with bright ideas!

love story: Yeah, who wouldn't? Besides Wanda deserves someone if not Jared

structural descriptions: the caves? well, i love to read the descriptions, the specific details of every environment that Wanda and Melanie sees, it's just amazing and how creative and challenging to write those

what i don't like:
Wanda's self-sacrificing attitude...well yes, she's compassionate for her human company but isn't that too much? Are souls, supposed to be this generous?

I didn't agree about Wanda's decision to stay and be buried at Wes and Walter's grave...i mean that sucks for her...i'd prefer another planet to live


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