The Twilight Saga

tell me what you guys liked most, and what u hated most about the Host.

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after i finished the book and read it again i loved every single detail from the beginning cause they all made sense :D so i can't say i didn't like the beginning.
what i didn't like...
maybe kyle...he was annoying and scary.
and i didn't really like when wanda woke up in the new body because it was all so confusing and weird.

And now what i LIKED <3
the love story of course
Ian <3 (awwww Ian )
wanda's character (she's a great role model, i say)
a lot of memorable quotes
I liked it when it went from one day Jared was slamming Wanda into a wall, to the next he is making out with her.
I liked.. hrm, how to pick one.. Well, as a whole i liked that even though the book was essentially more of a romance, Stephenie wrote it in a way that it wasn't all focused on that. Don't get me wrong i love me some romance. But i liked that it was as if the romance was a side story, but in the forefront it was dealing with more depthy issues and dramas we humans can relate to and really think about.
I didn't like all the girl bashing it kind of upset me, but i just kept trying to think of it as a part of the intensity of the story. Oh and what Cynthia says about Wanderer ending up with a weaker body too. But i guess that's a bit trivial since i should probably just be grateful that she got to come back.


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