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I've read The Host so many times that quite literally I know just about everything when it comes to this book. So after my sister had read it she and I realized one thing that still confuses me even now. If you go back to the chapter where Wanda, Jared, Ian, and Kyle are all on a raid together, they talk about two parents both with souls within them and their human child. Wanda said that the souls would not force the parents to give up the child. Now that leads to a whole line of questions. If the souls do not force the parents to give up the child, the where does that leave the world? Sooner or later the earth is going to be at a state where both the humans and souls will co-exist. But then what will happen to those souls? With the number of humans being born rising and the number of souls inhabiting those humans declining, the souls will eventually no longer inhabit Earth. Eventually the planet just may belong to humans once again

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I totally agree with you. I have the same though when I read the book first (I am in my second reading)....It seems to me like if the new beggining of the humar race...with better behavious, more well educated and with some respect for the others...
Do u agree that a woman that have been taken by a soul...could have a human baby without problem?
Because I am thinking in Wanda...she has a woman a baby should not be a problem...but also her soul body can be a mother is something that I don't know how will ends....I mean...If she decide to have a baby in the future...her soul part could be in danger??? - Sorry about my english if I am not clear -
What if maybe they both indefinatly inhabit earth. Humans could allow them to take bodies if they wanted. I don't see why the Soul's have to leave. Stephenie will find a way for them to all coexist. Too bad they couldn't take over for real. This world needs some help. North Korea and Iraq/Iran being first.
Hello girls
Yes, at the end when Wanda and the guy/soul in the end talk, they talk about "there is still hope for this planet", what I understood, is that is going to be returned to the humans at the end of the day, which in previous occasions Wanda, thought was the Correct thing to do, souls shouldn’t be in plant earth.

My favorite character of this book is Ian, he is so sweet and gentleman (except in the part from the beginning, when he wants to kill her).

Regards from Mexico: D
you're right and you have to consider that there are humans now who know how to take a soul out of a human body, but there's a problem, there are some hosts who gave up a long time ago so their minds are no longer inside them like melanie or lacey, so if the humans take the earth back, there are some souls who can't be removed from their hosts because there's nobody inside them fighting to get his body back, like wanda's new host, so if they take the soul out, the body and the soul will die.
i think that if steph writes another book they will find more people like burns and wanda and the humans will be able to co-exist with the souls in a peaceful way
I agree with everything that you all are saying, but what I'm getting at is that the souls will not WANT to inhabit human bodies anymore. If they continue to have human babies, and not putting souls within those bodies, the world will eventually be full of humans
yeah but that would be in like a hundred years, when all the soul's hosts are dead
yeah i was wondering about that too. the souls say that they come to the Earth to "experience" and not to change. does that mean they wouldnt change certain practices in the world like...inequality of women in certain countries? i know that those sort of topics are a little too heavy for a sci-fi romance but its still something to think about
yes thats exactly what I'm talking about =p
Yes! You're so right because that means more and more souls will love there human families and give up there lives in the human world and more humans will have babies and the souls will either leave or live in peace with the humans.
That's what i thought too, at the rate they seemed to be going it would be inevitable that the humans and the Souls would end up co-existing. I don't think the conflict would stop though, not when it comes to the humans. There's always going to be Kyle's about and it took Kyle ages to make a turn-around before he'd already done some damage. Even Jared found it hard to trust and he LOVED Melanie. I think the Souls would lose though as they are too good to fight back, unless they were the few Seekers of course. And the Souls will always need a Host to live, how could they co-exist for long unless some humans volunteered their bodies to be taken ? Unless they wanted to live as plants or animals - but wouldn't they just want to go to another planet if they wanted that ? Flowers ? Dolphins ?
I'd like to think we could co-exist as an interspecies planet, i think the world would be better with them in it if we were able to find a way.


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