The Twilight Saga

i never thought i would cry for a book but i felt that im loving all characters like they're part of my real world . :))

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i totally agree!! i cried at the part where ian kiss wanda in mel's body and when jared kissed her when he first relized mel was still alive!
Definitely me too!! When Wanda kissed Ian knowing she was leaving.... nearly broke my heart!!
i cried when ian find out wanda is leaving and he says You.Are.Not.Leaving.Me and then they start crying and saying goodbye. i cried like a baby there, i've never cried with a book before. i also cried when wanda and mel are saying goodbye, and when wanda wakes up in pet's body and ian asks her to stay and kisses her in front of everybody
me too...
the host is really an emotional novel...
cried when she was sayin gdbye to jared
i was crying the last moments wanda was in melanie's body...espessially when she was saying goodbuy to jared...all this situation with him...the kiss ...the supposing 'lie' she asked him to say...
i cryed for 4 days reading the host.
Honestly i'm not crying reading this bad when i read twilight saga....
the emotion is just so real and imagening myself in wanda position and reading how she think about saying goodbyes to ian, jamie and melanie.... its so heartbreaking....
me too!
I cried when Jamie was pleading with Wanderer to tell him if Melanie was alive and then when Walter died.
I cried like a baby when Ian said : YOUR . NOT . LEAVING . ME . ,, I cried aloooooooot when he said that ,, n when she n melanie were saying gdbys ,, n when Ian said that he loves her 4 the first time n when she said that she lived nine lives n never found a mate but now she found Ian ,, I cried when jared kissed her when he knew that melanie is still alive ,, HELL I CRIED ALOT IN THE HOST ,, I CAN"T REMEMBER HOW MANY ,, BUT I DID CRY ,, LIKE MEGA ALOT TEARS !!!!
i cried when she first talked to jamie and at the end and when she was saying goodbye to ian :) x
I cried (literally bawled my eyes out!) when Ian and Wanda had to say goodbye for the "last time". and those whole scenes when she had to say goodbye to them. boo hoo. my sis thought i was crazy for crying at a book, but watevs.


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