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i never thought i would cry for a book but i felt that im loving all characters like they're part of my real world . :))

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I literally had to put the book down several times cos i felt so overwhelmed! One of the times was when Jamie was dying and no one believed Wanda and Mel and it seemed as if she was just completely alone. But i was just an utter wreck when Wanderer left, i could not hold it anymore and was just a bumbling mess! I finished it this morning so all my emotions from it are still fresh, just reading some of your replies and being reminded, i felt like i was being crushed all over again! Argh!
I cried when Ian realizes what's Wanda's plan and he tells her that he loves her, and when she awakes in Pet's body and Ian is there and he kisses her OMG....i'm reading the book for the 2nd time just started so i'm expecting more tears LOL!!
I cried when she went to Doc and I though Doc was goin to take out Wanda from Mel's body and Wanda knew she was gonna die and wanted be with Walter and West
i didnt really cry when i read the book..but i got really emotional towards the end. wanda, knowing she was leaving, kissed ian and saying goodbye 2 Mel. Tears almosed came out when i thought she was going 2 leave. i would have gotten really mad. in the begining i really hated ian concidering the fact that he wanted wanda dead. i was really surprised he fell in love with her. that really surprised me..when i read the summary, i thought i would have fell in love with jared..but i did wit ian..i didnt really like jared in the book..i hated how he used wanda, how he hurt her in the beggining..hell, i thought he was a real ass! towards the end he got better. yes, i got 2 admit, ian was an ass 2 since he wanted wanda dead in the begining..but he got alot better towards the middle of the book. anyway, the host was a great book.
i still cry alot after she decides she has to give Mel her body back. and when they thought Jared didn't trust them and Jamie was going to die because of it.
I cried from about chapter 11 on. There were so many parts that were just so emotional. When Jeb found "them" and she asked about Jared and Jamie and Jeb told her no. then in when she got to the cave and saw him and he hit her. When she made Jamie cry and he hugged her. When Jared kissed her to see if Mel was still there. When Jared and the rest came back from the raid and Jared was ready to kill her. When Kyle attacked her and Ian found her, and then kissed her forehead in front of Doc and Jared. When Walter died. When she lying on the bed looking at "Mel's" hands after she knew what she had to do to save the Seeker. When Jamie was sick and dying. When she couldn't find Mel and Jared kissed her. Then the whole last half of the book, through all of the goodbyes to Ian, Jared, Mel and Doc. When she woke in Pet's body and she knew she was going to get to stay with Ian and he kissed her. I like I said there were so many emotional parts. SM does an amazing job of writing emotion, that you feel like you are actually experiencing it. Everything is so vivid and real. All of her books have that vivid feel to them. I truly hope that she writes more. She is such a talented writer. The pain is so real, but there is not just pain, there is happiness and love and acceptance. You really feel what the characters feel.
I didn't cry at all but I felt like "nooooo!!!" when Wanda came back and learn that Wes had died. It made me v. sad. You know, Wes was v. young and good and his death was awful. But crying? No, I didn't.
When Wanda was saying good-bye to Ian. When he sat in front of her and cried, wishing she wouldn't leave him ( I balled like a baby). I didn't cry at all when I read the Twilight series but the Host, I feel that this book is a true love story. It is about loving a person not for their looks but for what they are in the inside. I am Team Edward but man Ian buts Edward to shame. What Ian and Wanda has is true love. I can't wait for the movie and I hope that there is a squeal because I am dying to know what happens the them.
I agree... I loved Twilight and I'm so Team Edward. What Ian and Wanderer had was different that Bella and Edward. Maybe that was because The Host is an adult novel as opposed to Twilight which is young adult ( and I think pre-teen too, except for Breaking Dawn which I don't think I'd let my daughters read until they were a little older) I can't wait to find out more.....Bring it on!!!!!
thank god....i thot may be i was the only one who cried soooo much !!!!!!!!!!!! its seriously emotnal !!!! wen ian kisses her and she accepts it................i was lyk on top of the world !!! i thot in the mid..tht he 'd become like jacob !! but i was so happy tht wanda acceptd him !!!!! hes my fav character evr !!!!!!!!!! and in the last wen wanda dies n reborns !!!!!!!!!!!!! woww its amazin g
The whole last third of the book made me cry. It was wonderful when Ian, Mel, and Jamie had come to love Wanderer. And God, Ian broke my heart. I still not sure about Jared though. I know he wanted Mel back and I'm not to sure how he feels about Wanderer yet. I know he was greatful that Wanderer was going to give up her life for Mel's. I hope he becomes close to Wanderer as friends and not someone to use because she useful to the humans. I really want to like him. I guess we'll have to wait and see....Can't wait!!!!


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