The Twilight Saga

Like, you know Twilight has like Team Edward and all of them, well, The Host should have them too. So here is where you tell people what team you are! By the way, I'm Team Ian. He's so sweet, and funny!


EDIT: I find it hilarious how popular this discussion has become. It's like, because I am a very strange person, basically all the stuff on that 'Latest Activatey' thingy is of comments from you lovely people on this discussion.

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I am Team Ian, I would even drop Edward for Ian. Ian is so loving, sweet, understanding, and compassionate.
Edward and Ian's neck-to-neck in my list.
I'm TEAM IAN, too! He's the right kind of fictional guy every woman would want to be real.
Can I be Team O'Shea Brothers? 'Cause I love them both. XD
PS And if there's Team Jeb, I'd join it. :)
me too! ;)
team jared!heee ist soooo bad guyyyyyy :-)
LOL!!!!! ikr! ;) he is totally HOTTNESS!!!!! *swoons* hehehehe!
Team Ian most definatly:) i wish i had a guy like him
Team Ian!! Love him!! Maybe even more than Edward..;)
wow!!! more than edward...u must love him a LOT!!!! LOL!
i love him too! <3
oooh...thats a hard one cuz i really love both ian and jared!!!!! i thought they were both incredible!!!! <3 *sigh* maybe there can be a team for the 2 of them like there is 4 edward and jacob....i dont know. i loved ian because he was soooo sweet, romantic, funny, understanding, and cuz of how much he loved wanda even though she was a soul. and i loved jared because he was well...JARED! how else do i explain??? (2 words: 1. JARED, and 2. Mmmmmmm) LOL!
toodles for now, Rosa~ <3


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